Weekly Comic Review for 9/16/15

Really small week this time.

Harley Quinn #20 – We start out with a weird scene that ends up being another one of Harley’s dreams. Then it’s on to the mission she took to find the woman’s daughter. While searching, she run across a cowboy who is just goofy enough to compliment her personality. The find the girl and it ends up she was behind the scheme. Sadly, on the way to take her back, the person who was originally hired shows up and kills the cowboy. (I was really hoping to see more of him.) Next issue: Harley vs. Deadshot. This should be interesting since the book doesn’t have the same tone as Suicide Squad.

Secret Six #6 – It’s the final showdown between the team and the Riddler. And the actual thief of the diamond is revealed: the Dummy. Yes, he’s actually up and about in this issue with no one else around here. I really want to know what’s up with him. We also get the classic line from Catman of “I tried going straight once. It didn’t take.” Yeah, the innuendos there are way too obvious with all the LGBT humor in this book. In the end after a lot of fun fighting, the Sue takes off with the Riddler (not remembering Ralph in the first place) and the pier blows up. Most of the team is safe, but after saving the Ventriloquist, Alice collapses and stops breathing after mentioning the Spectre. I hope she doesn’t die. She’s a good compliment to the others in the team. Plus, all the mystical power cameos are fun. (Tho, you’d end up duplicating them or running out after a while. It’s still early though.)

There’s only 2 books but both are good so pick them both up.

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