Weekly Comic Review for 9/9/15

OK. Let’s see if I can start catching up here. There’s a few weeks with not a lot of stuff so hopefully I can get through it quick.

Earth 2: Society #4 – This issue focuses around Superman. We see the constructions of the city Crossroads and how the problems that caused the fallout between Val and Kara. This is coming out more like a super-powered soap opera than anything else.

Harley Quinn Road Trip Special – It’s Harley, Ivy, and Selina on a road trip. Harley’s uncle died. She inherits a trailer and needs to transport his ashed back to New York for burial. Toss in a jewel thief rival of Catwoman’s named Darkwolf, some alcohol driven hallucinogenic dreams, and all the antics you would expect from one of Harley’s books and you get quite a story. We’ve got some strip truth or dare between the girls on top of everything else. This book is a lot of fun and definitely worth reading.

Justice League United #13 – This time around, we have Batgirl, Robotman, Steel, and Vandal Savage teaming up with Stargirl. Toss in Enemy Ace and Sergeant Rock and you’ve got the start of a cross-time war time story. I’m really not liking the look of Steel now without the helmet and with the goggles and straps he uses. As before, the first issue is an extended set-up for the story. We barely know what’s going on and it’s about character connections as much as telling a real story. It’s honestly not surprising the title has been cancelled.

Starfire #4 – It turns out that our super-hero friend is actually the second Terra that only got a little time prior to the reboot. Terra and Starfire take down the demon and then relax with the other locals. Then we get Blackfire setting up a deal with an assassin and our mysterious guy from the boat runs into Kory. It’s a fun comic (not as good as Harley’s but still good) and leaving enough questions.

Since there’s only 4 comics, let’s go 50/50 this week. My top 2 for the week are Harley Road Trip Special and Starfire. Check them out for some light fun.

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