Weekly Comic Review for 3/21/12

Another week down and more books to review. There’s a batch of DC books. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the new set of books to come out following the first round of cancellations.

Batman Beyond Unlimited #2 – More guests from the TV series pop up with a story revolving around Mad Stan. More is revealed about Dana’s brother and Bruce takes his old company back while bringing Lucius Fox and Tim Drake on board. Over in the JLU half, Batman sneaks into Kobra’s base where he manages to capture Micron and discover a captured Amanda Waller. The stories are building up in both halves.

Green Lantern Corps #7 – It’s the fallout of the last few issues hits the corps. There is a ceremony for the dead GLs and Guy talks to the Guardians about his use of the Sinestro Corps members. Most of the story is about John taking the body of the Lantern he had to kill back to his family where he has to face his decisions on whether or not to hide the truth about the death. Very interesting view of things.

Justice League #7 – With the origin out of the way, we suddenly jump to modern day with the same team as before. The story spends a majority of its time around Steve Trevor and his relationship to the League as its ambassador to the world government. As a backup story we start to get the origin of Shazam. Not Captain Marvel (or at least not yet) but Shazam. There’s mention of Black Adam and we get to meet this universe’s Billy Batson, a kid who is a total asshole. I guess this backup story will be running for a while.

Legion od Super-Heroes #7 – The battle in Japan is finished with Comet Queen and Harmonia coming to the rescue. Meanwhile, Mon-El and Brainiac 5 agree to have a new election to see if Brainiac 5 can get the leadership this time. Should be interesting to see what happens.

Nightwing #7 – The story of Saiko finally comes to an end and we find out that the whole thing tied into the Court of Owls storyline going on in one of the other Batman titles. Why was Dick described as this great killer? Because Haly’s Circus had originally targeted him to be sent to the Court as it’s recruit for the generation. Guess it was a pretty sick place there. I wonder if Dick will still hold on to the circus or pass it on or what.

Stan Lee’s Might 7 #1 – Is it too late to gauge my eyes out? Archie meets Stan Lee in a story that is so bad it can only be described as a throwback to the old time stories when they didn’t know better. Stan Lee actually appears in the issue about a group of intergalactic police and their prisoners who crash to Earth. There’s enough interpersonal drama in the first issue to fuel a season of Beverly Hills 90210 and the names are worse than the old time line-ups of the Legion of Super-Heroes. I’m serious! Even Wisconsin doesn’t have this much cheese in it. I like goofy stuff but I don’t think I could take another issue of this.

So, can you pick my top 3? It should pretty easy this week. It’s Batman Beyond Unlimited, Green Lantern Corps, and Nightwing. The other 3 were just nothing special. From the looks of my pull list for this week, it’s going to be slim picking for the next review too. Hopefully soon I’ll have some Class Comics reviews coming up for those who enjoy adult titles.

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