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All I want for Christmas

I saw this video and with the holidays coming up, it was great to see something like this targeted for a gay audience. I would love something like this for Christmas myself. Enjoy.


In the Meantime…. Bears

OK. I finally got my computer up and running yesterday which means new posts are coming soon. (That is, if my computer doesn’t decide to hate me more.) In the meantime, a break for a fun video from...

All About HIS Bass 0

All About HIS Bass

This week after Phoenix Comicon has been a bit rough but today I’m going to work on doing some catch-up. Today I’ll be working on my “missing” weekly review from right before con. (I still have to finish...

It’s Getting Foxy in Here 0

It’s Getting Foxy in Here

I just finished watching the Glee episode that I DVRed earlier. Yes, it was a good episode with Billy Joel songs and a shirtless Sam. Most importantly, the preview for next week shows that the Thanksgiving episode will...

Call Me Maybe — Soldiers vs Cheerleaders 0

Call Me Maybe — Soldiers vs Cheerleaders

Call them maybe? I’d call most of those soldiers DEFINITELY! Hope you enjoyed that. I’m enjoying my vacation but will be trying to get some posts up soon, maybe later today. I saw that video and thought I’d...

They Own the Night 0

They Own the Night

Growing up, I really never listened to much country music. I never got into the whole “my truck died and my dog died and my wife left me” thing that most people associated with country music. As with...

Bryday 0


No, that’s not a typo. It’s a fun video that I found thanks to the Gay Comic Geek. It’s a fun take on Rebecca Black’s Friday with a cute guy. What more could you ask for? 😉

Yes, Nerds and Geeks Can Be Sexy Too! 0

Yes, Nerds and Geeks Can Be Sexy Too!

A friend recently pointed out this video and i I loved it. Jonny McGovern’s “Sexy Nerd” is a lot of fun even if most of the “nerds” are muscle twinks and would probably never be seen doing anything...

That’s a Superstar? 0

That’s a Superstar?

I recently saw the video from Raja, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 3. It’s called “Diamond Crowned Queen”. Talk about a diamond in the rough. IMHO, the only reason to watch it is for the handsome...