Weekly Comic Review for 9/23/15

Another short list this week.

Flash #44 – After escaping the underwater trap, Flash does the only logical thing. He went home. There’s no trying to catch Zoom’s crew. He heads back home to catch an argument between Hartley and Singh. It’s cool to see them keep the gay thing going and that the real problem is the fact that Hartley used to be the Pied Piper. (I miss pre-reboot when the Piper was a hero for a while.) Eventually, we do make it back to Flash vs. Zoom’s crew (as opposed to the Zoo Crew who I wouldn’t mind seeing again too) and all their various speed force abilities trick Barry into making an energized bubble.

Fury: 50 Years of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 – The book starts out with two stories going side by side down each page. We have 1965 with Nick Fury and 2015 with Nick Fury Jr. (It seems the black Nick Fury from the Ultimate universe is now Nick Jr. unless he always was back then. Didn’t read much with him in it.) I though this was really going to suck until Nick Jr. and Hatemonger end up back in 1965. It’s still a little rough with a lot of “time protocols” excuses. And then there’s the attempted assassination of “Barry” who it took a sec to figure out was Barack Obama. (My first thought was Barry White but that made no sense.) It’s a cute story, but not overly great. It was good to see the Nick Fury I grew up with though.

So, we had 2 mediocre books this week. Read them if you think they sound good. I’m not breaking up 2 titles. There was a free ad tho for 12 new Vertigo titles though. I’m not going to go through them all but I might take a look at the first issues of Lucifer and Red Thorn. They might have some potential. They were the only 2 titles that caught my eye tho.

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