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A Force to Be Reckoned With

Netflix recently released it’s new cartoon, Q-Force. People have called it a gay James Bond. I like to think of it as a gay(er) version of Archer. With a number of LGBTQ+ voice actors on the show, including...

All About HIS Bass 0

All About HIS Bass

This week after Phoenix Comicon has been a bit rough but today I’m going to work on doing some catch-up. Today I’ll be working on my “missing” weekly review from right before con. (I still have to finish...

It’s Getting Foxy in Here 0

It’s Getting Foxy in Here

I just finished watching the Glee episode that I DVRed earlier. Yes, it was a good episode with Billy Joel songs and a shirtless Sam. Most importantly, the preview for next week shows that the Thanksgiving episode will...

Everyone Has a Price 0

Everyone Has a Price

I saw this and loved it. I could see myself wearing something like this just to see what reactions I got.

Thundercats Ho! 2

Thundercats Ho!

I was at Wal-Mart looking for a pair of Green Lantern boxers/boxer briefs that a friend saw in his Wal-Mart. I wasn’t able to find the ones I was looking for in my size but I did find...

Call Me Maybe — Soldiers vs Cheerleaders 0

Call Me Maybe — Soldiers vs Cheerleaders

Call them maybe? I’d call most of those soldiers DEFINITELY! Hope you enjoyed that. I’m enjoying my vacation but will be trying to get some posts up soon, maybe later today. I saw that video and thought I’d...

Bear This Shirt in Mind 0

Bear This Shirt in Mind

I’m not normally one to root much for a Woot shirt but I saw this one in the Derby and had to post about it. The Derby this week is about breakfast and it takes the term bear...

Internet Chuckle of the Day 6 0

Internet Chuckle of the Day 6

Yesterday, the guys and I were talking at work today and we were talking about Firefox and cookies and it made me remember this comic I’ve seen around a couple places. Firefox is so cute. I’m been trying...