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Who Judges the Justice League? 0

Who Judges the Justice League?

DC really seems to be enjoying a return to Elseworlds stories even if they don’t want to call them that. After Batman Unlimited comes a story of a Justice League nothing like the one we’re used to. The...

Man of Iron or Man of Steel? 0

Man of Iron or Man of Steel?

I’ve been meaning to get to these for quite a while. Within a couple weeks, both Marvel and DC each put out animated movies released on DVD and BluRay. First was Iron Man: Rise of the Technivore. This...

Superman Re-envisioned 0

Superman Re-envisioned

I finally made it out to see Man of Steel. Even a week after it’s release, the place was packed with a dozen shows today. Despite being another origin movie, it was pretty good. It was a bit...