Weekly Comic Review for 1/22/14

Here’s another week getting caught up…

All New Invaders #1 – The team is back again. Well, sorta. We get a flashback to the old days that the team doesn’t remember. Also, the team is missing Captain America and Toro. We get to substitute in an unknown named Major Liberty (who appears to have actually been around since USA #1 from 1941 and popped back up in Avengers/Invaders) who doesn’t make it past a few pages after an encounter with Hela. Toss in the Kree and a dead Imperial Guardsman and you’ve got the start of a mystery involving a weapon from back during WWII. Sometime prior to this issue, Namor got captured which leaves Captain America, Human Torch (who’s been trying to live a simple life in a town in the middle of nowhere), and the Winter Soldier/Bucky (who is supposed to be pretending to be dead) to save him. What I want to know is where is Toro? If you’re getting those 4 together, why not all 5? And will we be seeing anything of Spitfire, the “new” (i.e. not the WWII one) Union Jack, or any other characters that used to be associated with the old Invaders? I’d actually love to see more old school Invaders stories.

All-New X-Men #22 – Yes, everything is “all-new” lately. With this issue, we start The Trial of Jean Grey which crosses over into Guardians of the Galaxy. Jean and Scott fight some more. The Shi’ar attack (They must really like these “all-new” titles.) and kidnap Jean. And then the Guardian of the Galaxy show up just in time to… well… miss everything. Oops! Time to find out what’s going on here. I guess the Shi’ar were mad they didn’t get it done right the first time so are after Jean again.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #27 – Kyle and Carol help out the Keeper (the guy who guarded Relic’s bubble) get his people back in order. Not sure how they hooked back up with him but they did. Despite all the flirting and stuff, Kyle is made out to be totally oblivious of the sexual tension between him and Carol. Really? I mean, yeah, he can be oblivious. But that’s like not noticing that you just got hit with a wrecking ball that you saw coming. I really hope they don’t dumb things down that much in the comic.

Harley Quinn #2 – Harley works on getting her life in order and with people out to get her, she could really use some down home comfort. Who better to get her life back in order than her old pal, Poison Ivy. Best part of the issue is when Harley offers to introduce Ivy to her beaver and Ivy then realizes she means a real beaver. *snicker* Sorry, but it’s not THAT type of book. The pair go all humanitarian when Harley finds out about a shelter that is killing pets they don’t adopt out. When the animals all escape, everything goes crazy. THAT is the type of book it is and I hope it stays that way. This book has the potential for some interesting stories and a lot of fun. I hope they don’t ruin it. It’s off to a good start.

Justice League #27 – Forever Evil tie-in – We start off with a couple new Doom Patrol members who don’t last very long versus Johnny Quick and Atomica. (Negative Woman is also down for the count but there’s no sign of Celsius or Tempest.) Then we see Victor making his father turn him back into Cyborg but with a few changes. This time around, he’s a lot more streamlined and has a better idea of what he’s going to need. With the JLA gone, he’s going to need a team so he turns to Doc Magnus to get his Metal Men. It should be interesting to see what they do with them in the New 52.

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #7 – Forever Evil: Blight tie-in – The team is still trying to figure out if the best way to stop Blight is to save or to slay Chris. While they argue over that, Pandora does some searching and becomes a being of light to counter Blight. Well, at least she tries and does manage to hold her own for a while. So, what is it going to take to get through all this? And what’s it going to take to stop this team from spending a majority of the issue fighting each other instead of fighting Blight?

There’s definitely some interesting stories from this week. With 6 comics, it’s a 3 and 3 split. The top half this week goes to All-New Invaders, Harley Quinn, and Justice League.

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