Weekly Comic Reviews for 3/13/13

OK. Now that the movie reviews are done, time to get another week of comics caught up.

Archer & Armstrong #8 – More history of Gilad working against the Null through history followed by things just getting worse. Mary-Maria is still around and pushing her own plans, the Geomancer seed Mother Nature getting corrupted, and Archer gets taken over. None of this can be good.

Avengers Arena #6 – At least things finally liven up a little bit. Everyone is moving to the safe zones ad prompted by Arcade. Conflict keeps up between the British group (while we get more history on them) until finally one person gets killed. That’s three down and 2 in question still and 2 of the victims have been people made for the book. While I’m not one for just killing off established characters for no reason, creating a book and then creating characters just to kill off in it is kinda boring. I was a fan of Avengers Academy so I was hoping this would be decent but I’m afraid it’s going to be a wipe soon.

Bloodshot #9 – Bloodshot and crew continue the fight and the Harbinger kids realize the Bloodshot is actually trying to help them. This gives them the strength to turn on Gamma and leads us into the Harbinger Wars.

Demon Knights #18 – The Knights reunite with Xanadu and the Demon returns to the team in time to take on some of the vampires attacking Themyscira. Exoristos may even be able to prove that she should be allowed to return. Meanwhile, Jason Blood shows the power he really wields by holding himself in Hell and not letting Etrigan return to replenish his strength.

Green Lantern Corps #18 – Wrath of the First Lantern Part 6 – Volthoom targets John and Fatality this time and plays around with their histories. Sadly, this time around, it’s pretty boring.

Ravagers #10 – The Ravagers spend some time relaxing and actually feeling safe back at the base. This leads to Ridge reverting to his human form which is a little kid. Also, Beat Boy and Terra finally kiss and Lightning returns. Meanwhile, Harvest sends an attack after Ravager and Warblade while Deathstroke attacks the Ravager’s base and takes out the defenseless Ridge. Given the major twist in the character, it will suck if he’s actually dead.

X-Men Legacy #7 – Legion infiltrates the Church of the Happy Host which is run by a bunch of loonies. He goes in as a person recovering from his love of a mutant looking to be saved. (This actually sounds a lot like a joke about the ex-gay ministry stuff like Exodus.) Blindfold’s astral self is floating around watching him and helping out and in the end, he tricks S.W.O.R.D into coming down to take them in even though they were really more after Legion himself. The book iis a nice humor piece.

For the top 3, I’ve got to start with X-Men Legacy just for the laughs. Ravagers is a good “human interest” issue and Bloodshot has some nice work leading up to the first crossover.

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