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Living up to the Legacy

I remember seeing Jupiter’s Legacy in the comic shop a while back, but I had no idea what it was about. There are so many comics coming out each week that I just stuck to my usual stuff....


Invincible Jumps from the Page to Prime

I’ll be honest. While I’ve seen the character here and there, I’ve never actually read an issue of Invincible. I mean, it’s kinda hard to miss him with the bright yellow with light blue and black contrast. He...


DC and Marvel Take Pride in the Gay Community

While COVID-19 may put a kibosh on a lot of Pride events everywhere again this year, we can still look to DC and Marvel to help celebrate Pride. This June, both companies will be publishing anthologies based around...


DC’s Fresh Start and New Horizons

At the end of Dark Nights: Death Metal, DC sold us a future made up of more than just the New 52 and Rebirth that we’ve been reading for the past 10 years. We’ve got that and everything...


A New Batwoman for a New Season

The news has been out for a while that Ruby Rose stepped away from the role of Batwoman after just the first season. Everyone has to do what is best for themselves and their careers, but I always...


Galavant Back for Season 2

If you’ve didn’t catch it last year, Galavant is a medieval age, musical comedy mini-series on ABC. Last year, there were 8 episodes last season. It revolves around the very handsome Galavant who lost his love to the...


All I want for Christmas

I saw this video and with the holidays coming up, it was great to see something like this targeted for a gay audience. I would love something like this for Christmas myself. Enjoy.


Weekly Comic Review for 11/4/15

OK. Time to start catching up. Bat-Mite #6 of 6 – Yes, it’s the big finale of the mess that Bat-Mite is making of things. He’s really going overboard by this point. He changed Mount Rushmore to look...


In the Meantime…. Bears

OK. I finally got my computer up and running yesterday which means new posts are coming soon. (That is, if my computer doesn’t decide to hate me more.) In the meantime, a break for a fun video from...

Weekly Comic Review for 9/16/15 0

Weekly Comic Review for 9/16/15

Really small week this time. Harley Quinn #20 – We start out with a weird scene that ends up being another one of Harley’s dreams. Then it’s on to the mission she took to find the woman’s daughter....