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A New Batwoman for a New Season

The news has been out for a while that Ruby Rose stepped away from the role of Batwoman after just the first season. Everyone has to do what is best for themselves and their careers, but I always...


Galavant Back for Season 2

If you’ve didn’t catch it last year, Galavant is a medieval age, musical comedy mini-series on ABC. Last year, there were 8 episodes last season. It revolves around the very handsome Galavant who lost his love to the...


All I want for Christmas

I saw this video and with the holidays coming up, it was great to see something like this targeted for a gay audience. I would love something like this for Christmas myself. Enjoy.


Weekly Comic Review for 11/4/15

OK. Time to start catching up. Bat-Mite #6 of 6 – Yes, it’s the big finale of the mess that Bat-Mite is making of things. He’s really going overboard by this point. He changed Mount Rushmore to look...


In the Meantime…. Bears

OK. I finally got my computer up and running yesterday which means new posts are coming soon. (That is, if my computer doesn’t decide to hate me more.) In the meantime, a break for a fun video from...

Weekly Comic Review for 9/16/15 0

Weekly Comic Review for 9/16/15

Really small week this time. Harley Quinn #20 – We start out with a weird scene that ends up being another one of Harley’s dreams. Then it’s on to the mission she took to find the woman’s daughter....

Weekly Comic Review for 6/10/15 0

Weekly Comic Review for 6/10/15

It’s a much smaller pile of comics this week as we get back from Convergence. Constantine the Hellblazer #1 – The first thing that hit me about this issue was the artwork. Totally not my thing. They are...

Weekly Comic Review for 6/3/15 0

Weekly Comic Review for 6/3/15

There was a lot of books this week. At least they are regular ones this time around and not all Convergence. All-New X-Men #41 – This is a follow-up to the last issue with the mutants on Utopia....

All About HIS Bass 0

All About HIS Bass

This week after Phoenix Comicon has been a bit rough but today I’m going to work on doing some catch-up. Today I’ll be working on my “missing” weekly review from right before con. (I still have to finish...

Counting Down to Phoenix Comicon 0

Counting Down to Phoenix Comicon

Phoenix Comicon is only 3 days away so if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, it’s a good time to. Given last year’s attendance count of 77,818, this year is going to be very busy. The convention has...