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Nintendo Reimagines the Sinnoh Region

Fifteen years ago, Nintendo introduced us to the fourth generation of Pokémon in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Beginning in the Sinnoh region, you started off with your choice of chimchar (fire), turtwig (grass) or piplup (water). Beyond that,...


Gotta Capture Them All (on Film)

I remember the original Pokemon Snap coming out for the Nintendo 64. I still have my ice blue N64 hooked up with the Pokemon Snap cartridge in it so I could get warmed up before its sequel came...

Ever Want to Catch Them All? 0

Ever Want to Catch Them All?

Whether you remember playing the original Pokémon Red Gameboy Game, didn’t see it until the Pokémon Fire Red version for Gameboy Advance, or only recently got on the scene with one of the 3DS versions, a lot of...