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Fan Fusion Rises from the Ashes post-COVID

It’s been 3 years since we had our last Phoenix Fan Fusion (previously Phoenix Comicon before the San Diego event had their little temper tantrum) here. The con coordinators kept trying to plan something but, due to COVID,...


Busy Weekend at Fan Fest

Well, I was at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest from Friday through Sunday. It was a fun time. Between that and trying to get my new computer working (It still isn’t.), I’ve been pretty busy. I’ll be working on...

I Totally Forgot.  Picture That! 0

I Totally Forgot. Picture That!

I just realized that even though I finished editing the pictures for Phoenix Comicon 2015, I never posted anything to let people know. Oops! Well, go check out the gallery and see the people and events that went...

I Survived Another Con 0

I Survived Another Con

Today was the 4th and final day of the convention. Tonight is a night of recovery and then back to business. I have a DVD review that I was hoping to finish that I’ll get posted. I also...

Counting Down to Phoenix Comicon 0

Counting Down to Phoenix Comicon

Phoenix Comicon is only 3 days away so if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, it’s a good time to. Given last year’s attendance count of 77,818, this year is going to be very busy. The convention has...

Phoenix Comicon Pics Finally Up 0

Phoenix Comicon Pics Finally Up

Yes, I’ve finally finished editing and posting the pictures from Phoenix Comicon. There are pictures from panels featuring John Barrowman, Steven Amell, and Richard Dean Anderson as well as a lot of cosplay and other stuff. Just check...

Comicon Recover 0

Comicon Recover

Comicon was a blast but majorly draining. (My feet, legs, and back all hate me.) I’m editing the pics so I can get them posted up. Hopefully we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program soon.

Comicon Eve 0

Comicon Eve

Phoenix Comicon starts tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it but I know things are going to be so crazy. I’m still trying to finalize upgrades to my Jack Knight Starman cosplay I did last year. I also have...