Weekly Comic Review for 5/11/11

This was a light week this week. I only picked up 6 books including one that was missed a month ago. So, let’s take a look.

Birds of Prey #12 – In this issue, the team is split up. Part of the team is off working undercover while Huntress goes off to look into bringing the Question in on the team. It turns out that both paths lead to the same point in the end. That point turns out to be Junior, the daughter of the original Ragdoll and sister to the Ragdoll of the Secret Six. The problem is that she may be even more messed up than the current Ragdoll and this could be a problem for the team.

Flash #12 – It’s the end of the road to Flashpoint as Professor Zoom steps things up. And this time, he finally gets to do something he’s always wanted to do, kill Barry Allen. Don’t worry, it’s the one from the alternate earth. I’m not what he actually does in the long run but the issue end with a lightning bolt that signals some change going on. This leads into Flashpoint #1.

Flashpoint #1 – The 5 issue mini-series starts with a few thoughts by Barry just before he wakes up at the station. We quickly discover that his speed is gone and his mother is still alive. Those aren’t the only changes. Superman and the Justice League are unknowns but Batman is still swinging across Gotham. The problem is that he is a lot more violent than ever and Barry finds that he isn’t the Batman that he’s known for years. We also get to see some changes by a lot of other random characters including a whole new take on “Captain Thunder” (i.e. Captain Marvel).

Marvel Zombies Supreme #3 – It’s a bit of a flashback as I pick up an issue I missed. Hmmm… Maybe I should rephrase that. It’s an issue that I didn’t pick up when it came out. After reading it, I really didn’t miss much. There’s a couple pages of things going on down in Project Pegasus but most of the book is about a politician chasing down the escaped Nuke. Not one of the more interesting issues.

New Mutants #25 – This issue features a wrap around cover as things recover from the Age of X. A team of New Mutants and X-Men take out a Nimrod component as a distraction while Cyclops confronts Magik. Cyclops then puts Danielle Moonstar in charge of the New Mutants team (despite her no longer being a mutant since the House of M). Their first mission: find Nate Grey. X-Man returns as does the very odd Sugarman.

Titans #35 – Jade fights Drago and Vixen takes on the Tattooed Man who just discovered the state of his old community. Meanwhile, Ceathstroke gets some history on what happened since he last saw Drago while Arsenal and Cinder make a break from the detention area.

With only 6 books, that means 1/2 of them will make the top 3. Those three this week will be Birds of Prey, Flashpoint, and (I guess) New Mutants. I say “I guess” because I’m just going to finish up the last issue of the most recent Marvel Zombies series and probably will be dropping Flash, New Mutants, and Titans. I guess that’s going to be making this week pretty quiet each month if things stay on this schedule.

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