Weekly Comic Review for 3/26/14

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Amazing X-Men #5 – The Quest for Nightcrawler (conclusion) – The assembled X-Men team takes on Azazel’s mob of demons with the father and son having a teleportation fight. To save everyone, With the help of the bampfs, Nightcrawler draws his father out of the afterlife and back into the normal world. This means that Nightcrawler is back alive and no longer in Heaven. This really isn’t a surprise. It was just going to be about how it happened. I was disappointed when Nightcrawler died so I’m sorta glad to see him back. This just really proves that no one is really dead in the Marvel Universe. We’ve seen Xavier in Heaven. I wonder when we’ll see him again.

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #6 of 6 – With the Rogues up against the likes of Grodd, Amazo, the Fatal Five, and more, former Rogue Pied Piper comes to assist. A side effect of his music is the return of the Glider. It’s pretty cool watching the team come together. I’ve always loved the Rogues because of their family basis.

Guardians of the Galaxy #13 – The Trial of Jean Grey part 6 of 6 – The trial finally ends. At least Oracle finally speaks up (mentally) and tells everyone to cut out the bull shit. There are a few big moments though. Jean manifests a new power, turning herself into a psychic form. I wonder what that will lead to in the future, especially if they want to send her back. Kitty flirts with Starlord before he heads back into space. (Will they meet up again?) And most importantly, Cyclops heads out into space to be with his father. This could lead to a real mess if he can’t go back in time with the others. At least this part was a lot more interesting than all the lead-up.

Justice League Dark #29 – Forever Evil Blight – The bad guys are down but somehow, we’ve got 2 John Contantines. Ironically enough, the one that is actually the demon/evil half is the one that sacrifices himself. In the end, the team comes back together and the the House of Mystery turns on John and binds itself to Zatanna instead. A lot of changes are ahead for the team.

Red Lanterns #29 – Red Daughter of Krypton – Supergirl is still with the Red Lanterns. A team of them head off to Earth where Superman can get involved. The battle of wills has Superman leaving Kara in Guy’s hands. All this just in time for Bleez to come crashing down with a warning about Atrocitus.

Teen Titans #29 – We finally get a little background on Solstice and her time with Harvest before popping back to the future with both her and Kid Flash behind bars. They get sent off to the prison planet while Tim and Cassie make a connection and make out. The two of them and Raven get tossed back to the present and into the middle of the battle involving Bunker and Beast Boy who have returned from their trip. (No information on what happened there though.)

Overall, not too bad a week. Better than the prior one at least. I think the top 3 are going to Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Justice League Dark.

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