Thor – A Great Movie and Distraction

Remember the kittens I mentioned back in this post? Well, I finally had to give them to the Arizona Humane Society today along with the mother kitty. I really want them to have a good home instead of living on the street and couldn’t bring them into my apartment as have 2 cats already and don’t know their health status. I felt really bad about sending them off (though I know it’s for their own good) and needed something to distract me. I’d been wanting to see Thor so this seemed the perfect time to do so.

I’d heard a lot of good reviews of the movie so I was expecting good things. I wasn’t let down. The whole look of the movie was great. Thor’s costume (shown in the first pic) was terrific. The casting of Chris Hemsworth as Thor was a great choice. He has just the right look and played the part well. The same is true of Loki, Sif, Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg. Even non-human things like the Rainbow Bridge and the Destroyer were perfect. The battles were handled greatly too, incredible and clean action. I liked the look of Mjolnir but the addition of the triquetra due to Odin’s spell didn’t fit well. The cheesy way of connecting Donald Blake’s name to Thor was a bit too much. I’d rather they have left that out. And then there’s the cameos. First there’s the obvious and expected one by Stan Lee which was good for a quick laugh. The other was quire interesting. When he was told to grab a gun and he grabbed a bow, I had my suspicions. Those suspicions were confirmed when the soldier was called “Barton”. We have Hawkeye. (A quick look at the IMDB entry shows that Hawkeye is in the Avengers movie.)

Of course, all the geeky comic parts aren’t the only things that make the movie enjoyable. There’s enough eye candy as well. Chris Hemsworth not only looks good in the role of Thor, he looks just plain damn good n general. There’s a quick scene where he’s shirtless after getting out of the hospital and that is worth the price of admission right there. Though he isn’t as beefy as one would picture Thor to be, he’s god an incredible body. Heck, the muscles he shows when he tries to lift Mjolnir were damn nice. As I said, the Warriors Three looked great. Especially memorable was my favorite of the three, Fandral. Something about his sexy blonde face fuzz has always drawn me to him. (And I’m usually not as attracted to blondes.) there’s always his use of swords, which I am a big fan of. (I have 5 swords so far.)

I would definitely recommend seeing this. I’d say it’s at least as good as the Iron Man movie. I will be picking it up the day it comes out on DVD. That’s for sure.

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