Weekly Comic Review for 2/18/15

Earth 2: World’s End #20 – This issue has a lot going on. The Parliament is short one with the Blue killed (tho they seem to have forgotten this at the end when they happen to show him) but the Green was able to save the others. The only way to defeat Death’s spawn is to merge the powers of the avatars into one so Grundy, Sam and Yolanda give up their lives to empower Green Lantern. Batman and Huntress try to track down Oliver Queen and we see just a peek of Green Arrow. The team on Apokolips escapes and ends up catching up with slime ball Terry Sloan. (He really is the polar opposite of the original Terry.) We also have Ted Grant and Dick Grayson encounering Obsidian and Jonni Thunder while trying to find Dick’s son. I’m really not sure what that storyline is even for. It’s boring as Hell and seems to really have no relevance other than being the only non-super hero storyline. I’m really going to be happy once the series ends.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #39 – The whole issue is Kyle vs. Oblivion while the dark duplicate messes with Kyle’s head. Kinda blah but it’s leading into the last issue so I guess it really doesn’t matter.

Justice League #39 – The Amazo Virus chapter 4 – It’s Superman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor vs… well… everyone else. Kal and Diana hold the infected at bay while Lex tries to create a cure. Then Captain Cold shows up and it turns out the virus is affected by cold so they freeze patient zero and everything is done. Seems pretty easy. Should have thought of that before. Luthor makes a cure and is lauded as the hero even tho he was the cause. Also, patient zero takes on the form of Amazo so I guess we have a human version of him now. It seems a handful of the infected still retained powers so this could lead to the origin of some new metas. I hope this doesn’t turn into some Bloodlines thing where they use it to throw a bunch of new heroes out there and see what works. To close things off, Hal Jordon shows up to train Power Ring. (I hope they give her a better name.)

Legenderry: Green Hornet #1 – This picks up following the original Legenderry series. It’s mainly a lot of introductory stuff, setting up the Hornet’s world beyond the brief use previously. We meet the son of the Murder King who is trying to take over the mobs. (He’s just a little kid.) We also follow a little of the Veiled Lady (who is the current boss) and the weird stuff (like someone eating souls of some young men and women). A lot of questions that will hopefully be fleshed out though I’m not sure if it’s strong enough that I’d want to add it to my pull list.

Multiversity: Mastermen #1 – Another one of the one-shots in the Multiversity “series”. This time it takes place on a world where the Nazis win. Yes, it’s the world of the Freedom Fighters. This time, they are not Earth 2 heroes pulled to Earth 10 and some are variations on the originals. They are each someone persecuted by the Nazi’s — Doll Man (Jehovah’s Withness), Black Condor (African-American), Phantom Lady (Romani, I’m assuming given the list), and the Ray (Jewish since it’s the only one left.) The main topic of the story though is about Overman (Superman rescued by the Nazis) and how he reacts to everything he’s had to do. There are also Nazi versions of Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, and more.

New 52: Futures End #42 – It’s Batman (Terry) vs the future Batman (Bruce)/Joker while Superman and a bunch of others take on Brainiac. Atom ends up saving the day by rescuing Engineer and catches a glimpse at the Multiverse while doing it.

Teen Titans #7 – The Titans continue their fight with the guys who attacked S.T.A.R. Labs. It seems that they’ve found a way to freeze time to work on their plan but Raven can become immune and be active in the frozen time. Meanwhile, Beast Boy turns into a bug with a short life span which somehow allows him to not get frozen in time too. (Yeah, that part makes no sense.) But the team saves the day for the most part. I’ve always been a Teen Titans fan and I want to like it, but it’s like a lot of other books this week, mediocre at best and no real draw.

There aren’t many hot books this week. Multiversity: Mastermen is good and Justice League wasn’t too bad. For a third, I guess I’ll toss in Legenderry: Green Hornet. Check it out and see if you like it. Let me know what you think.

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