Weekly Comic Review for 6/20/2012

I had planned on adding a video blog about Astonishing X-Men #51. I may still do that but I wanted to at least get this up.

Astonishing X-Men #51 – It’s the wedding of Northstar and Kyle. After turning him down last issue, Kyle agrees to the wedding this issue and they have the wedding. The issue starts off as Northstar is preparing for the ceremony and a lot of the back story gets filled in. Ironically, the character with the worst reaction to the gay marriage is the alien on the team, Warbird. After various interactions including Aurora, Puck, and Havok regarding gay marriage, Beast officiates the ceremony (I’d have thought Shaman would be more appropriate than the team scientist.) without any attacks by villains or anything. Behind all this is the continuing storyline about something going on with Karma and the issue concludes with an attack on Wolverine. It’s good to see Marvel handle the issue of gay marriage in an overall positive manner while showing the slight view from the other side without disrupting it.

Avengers Academy #32 – Just when I thought it was over, Avengers vs X-Men continues in this issue. Most of the issue revolves around Juston and his Sentinel. It shows how close Juston is with it and what he’s done to try to override the anti-mutant programming. As for the tie in, the Phoenix Force empowered Emma Frost shows up to take down the Sentinel. As usual, Hank Pym’s reaction is to lock up the kids and run away and let Emma do whatever she wanted. It takes Laura standing up to Emma (despite her earlier issues with having a Sentinel around) and the kids joining her to make Hank grow a backbone. I don’t know why he’s been such a wimp lately, but come on. He used to be a real hero. Make him one again.

Before Watchmen: Comedian #1 of 6 – You really don’t learn much about the Comedian in this issue but it is an interesting story showing him interesting with John F. Kennedy going up to Kennedy’s assassination. Not much to really tell about it but it is a fun story.

Green Lantern Corps #10 – John Stewart is declared guilty but the Alpha Lanterns who sentence him to death. When they try to get someone else to do their dirty work, the Guardians say that if they want him killed, they need to do it themselves. The other Lanterns stage a rescue attempt as they don’t agree with the death sentence even if they agree with his guilt. It should be interesting to see where this is all going with the Green Lanterns rebelling against the Alpha Lanterns and the Guardians taking advantage of it all.

Legion of Super-Heroes #10 – The rebels who quit the Legion to go search for Brainiac 5 and Dream Girl start their mission. The team is made up of Starman, Bouncing Boy, Duplicate Damsel, and Comet Queen along with trainees Mwindaji and Otaki. (Really? They couldn’t name them something a little easier to remember? I mean, these aren’t the characters’ real names. These are the code names. Maybe they won’t be around long. One’s a tracker and the other’s a telepath.) Supposedly, one will turn traitor. I’m betting on Comet Queen since he’s got such a crush on Bouncing Boy who won’t reciprocate.

Nightwing #10 – Nightwing follows up on the deaths that were done using his escrima sticks. This has him crossing paths with Detective Nie who has a thing against Batman and his crew. It also leads him to some new group who uses an alpha in an omega as their symbol. There’s still not much information on them so far. In his personal life. Dick is trying to settle the carnival in Gotham using an old amusement park as the base for them. It’s a chance for him to keep Haly’s Carnival without being on the road all the time and to revitalize Gotham City some. The title seems to show a good pace of growth in what’s going on and I’m enjoying it so far.

Overall, there aren’t any bad issues this week. There are Even ones with a bad point or two are overall enjoyable. The best of the bunch goes to Astonishing X-Men, Before Watchmen: Comedian, and Nightwing though.

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