Weekly Comic Review for 2/25/15

OK. I’m running a little late but here it is…

All-New Invaders #15 – It’s the last issue. Given the way the series was going, it’s not surprising. It’s your generic wrap-up issue. “Here’s where everyone is now” and “We’re the original three so let’s have some heart to heart talks.” The give a quick overview to end clear up after last issue with the Inhuman Royal family coming to stop Lash. The Nazi Inhuman goes off with Lash and Toro goes off to Attilan. And much to my heart’s content, the Human Torch rescues and adopts Niel, Speedball’s cat, to save him. (Tho a hyper-kinetic cat sure does make a mess of a bedroom.)

All-New X-Men #38 – Black Vortex chapter 4 – Great! Another damn crossover and all I get is this one title. (Other than an issue of Cyclops 2 months from now, that is.) All I really got out of it was that Angel, Beast, and Gamora are all cosmic beings now who want to save the universe because they supposedly know better. The rest of the X-Men are trapped on a moon with the Guardians of the Galaxy while some powerful artifact gets stolen and in the end, with all the space in the universe, they just happen to run into Cyclops. Other than a couple quick cameos, this issue had nothing to do with the team.

Amazing X-Men #17 – The Once and Future Juggernaut part 3 of 4 – While the other X-Men keep the wannabe Juggernauts busy, Colossus and Cain Marco fight each other only to find out they are both trying to destroy the ruby. Finally, someone does get the ruby and it’s long unheard from Living Monolith. They really pulled someone out of nowhere for this one.

Black Hood #1 – Archie comics returns to the Red Circle but are calling it Dark Circle this time around. Philadelphia cop Gregory Hettinger starts off the issue coming up on a shoot out. As he takes own one person, he gets hit in the face with return fire. It turns out the guy he took down was a Vigilante called Black Hood. (He doesn’t look like the MLJ Black Hood at all. It’s a total revamp.) Gregory wakes up in the hospital wrapped in bandages which reveal the left side of his face totally messed up when they come off. He ends up addicted to pain killers and then other drugs. He ends up taking an opportunity to be a hero and save some people wearing the original Black Hood’s hood. Not sure I like the art or the story. Will have to see. There are ads for another Fox series along with one for a female Shield. Obviously they are only taking the names and not the actual characters. There had been a series of the Mighty Crusaders a few years back. I was hoping they would eventually continue from there but I guess they aren’t going to be even close.

Clive Barker’s Nightbreed #10 – The Nightbreed prepare to move to their new home. Meanwhile, Boone tries to live his live but gets attacked by the preacher and is mortally wounded which sends a (quite painful) signal to the other Nightbreed. It was interesting reliving the Nightbreed movie early on but it’s growing old real quick. I think I’ll be dropping this title.

Earth 2: World’s End #21 – We have the usual fighting stuff (that’s been going on a year now). Batman and Huntress finally find Oliver Queen (Red Arrow) and the backup plan that Bruce Wayne had. In the Dick Grayson arc, we get introduced to the new version of Brainwave, a really powerful psychic with a really bad haircut. He’s more in line with the age of Brainwave Jr. when he joined Infinity Inc. and he’s taken over the minds of all the people down in the caverns.

Flash #39 – While the future Barry searches for yet another on his check list of people he wants to stop while he’s in modern times, Patty and Iris track the Flash to find out if he’s actually becoming a murderer. Meanwhile, the modern day Flash is still in the Speed Force trying to get home. It turns out his “friends” weren’t as honest as he thought and they just want to use him to get themselves out of there.

Munchkin #2 – It’s more goofy antics of characters in the Munchkin universe. It’s not as fun as the first issue though. Definitely not one to pick up any more. The first story is predictable and the backup story about a flying nose creature is just plain boring.

New 52: Futures End – Brainiac continues his attack. The Bat-team continues their mission in Terrifitech and get attacked by the Brother Eye’d cyborg Plastique of the future. Mister Terrific may finally be coming around.

Red Lantern – It’s Guy vs. a baby possessed by a red lantern energy parasite. Messed up story but it leaves Guy with someone to pal around with now (the baby) since they seemed to have dropped the rest of the corps from the title.

Superior Iron Man #5 – It’s all about Tony and Teen Abomination this issue. We found out how he became what he is. It turns out that he and his mother were exposed to gamma radiation during an experiment at Tony’s company 8 years prior. This causes Tony to truly try to find a cure to the teen since he was going to just use him to make money off of scientific studies before and not bother to cure him. In looking into all of this, Tony realized that something happened on that day and every but of info on him that day was wiped out. This gives him a mystery to solve next issue.

There were a lot of lame stuff this week. Flash and Superior Iron Man are the 2 decent books. To round off the top 3, I’d go with Amazing X-Men this week.

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