Weekly Comic Review for 3/4/15

Earth 2 #32 – This ia a “let’s all pull together for this fight” issue with some heart to heart between Hawkgirl and Doctor Fate. We flah back to when they got their powers. The writers are obviously leading up to something but it’s being done VERY slowly.

Earth 2: World’s End #22 – And the story continues more. There’s more of the same with a little extra since this title is all over the place. Dick finds and loses his son. (Not the best father, eh?) Kalibak declares that Jimmy Olsen is now a New God. And Green Lantern meets up with the other heroes as things start coming together while also falling all apart. Hopefully Convergence finally brings an end to all of this.

Grayson #8 – Minos makes his final move now that he knows who all the Justice League are in their real lives. Even Helena knows now too. He tries to kill her but fails. He then pulls together Paragon who somehow has the powers of all the Justice League. (Maybe he popped up during the time I wasn’t reading the title but he seems to be a version of Amazo.) One mistake the writers make is calling the Justice League “the JLA”. Sorry. No “A”. Dick ends up defeating him while the school girls drool over their teacher’s ass. In the end, Minos get killed just before he says who he really is. It makes you wonder if he’s supposed to be a real big deal or not, but he seemed to think he was since he thought it was so important to try to reveal his own identity. I’ve been about to drop this but there is supposed to be some major changes after this issue so I’ll give it one more issue to prove itself.

Green Arrow #40 – Team Arrow takes on the King and his minions. It’s fun watching Batman’s part in the whole thing. The general interactions between the various members of the team were funny at time too. In the end, they take him down, of course. Felicity officially joins the team and Mia moves in too.

Green Lantern #40 – Hal decides to take one for the team and leaves the corps while looking like a traitor and bad seed. He fights Kilowog who is unwilling to accept this and takes him down HARD. Hopefully he’s all right. He leaves his ring behind but takes some weapon that is probably at least as powerful. Not sure where things will go after that.

Harley Quinn #15 – Harley is seeming more and more like a hero in this book. A bat shit crazy hero, but a hero nonetheless. Ivy stops by and the chemistry between them is kinda crazy. I love Ivy’s frequent appearances making things interesting. And things are about to really get interesting as Ivy works on getting Harley some backup in her crusade to help people. I love this book. It honestly has to be one of my top favorite comics out right now.

Justice League #3000 – A major battle breaks out between the demons and the humans. Once Ice seems her castle is getting wrecked, she just freezes everyone on the spot. Now that’s power. Then Fire comes out to fight and kill Ice. All it takes is Ice saying “But we’re friends and we love each other” and then Fire is like “You’re right. I’ll just stop fighting and change personalities suddenly.” UGH! BAD writing. The Injustice League takes their first step out of the shadows too. I just want to know what the Hell is up with this version of Lois Lane. There is no hint at the history of why she is some major super-villain now. This book makes no sense. Maybe the relaunch (Justice League 3001) will be better because this has been borderline and barely kept from being cut.

Lobe #6 – It’s Lobo vs. Pariah as we finally find out the last details of what happened on Czarnia and why. It turns out they both had a hand in its destruction. Lobo finally takes Pariah down but not before she kills the 2 adult members of his team. Now that he’s finally saved Earth, Lobo takes off by himself again. It should be interesting to see where they take him from this point. I can’t wait to see how they develop the character since it’s totally different than the old Lobo. He’s definitely a lot more interesting.

New 52: Futures End #44 – It’s all a battle to take down Brainiac. Superman is punching him around and at one point hits him causing his various past incarnations throughout DC history/the Multiverse to be shown. In the end, the Atom saves the day by shrinking Brainiac down. For some reason, doing this takes lots of servers. Don’t ask me to explain this one. In the end, all of SHADE and Terrifitech aren’t good enough so they have to turn on Brother Eye. Yeah, that’s the start of the whole thing right there.

There’s some interesting stuff this week. Generally, a lot better than last week. I think it’s obvious Harley Quinn will be in my top 3. The other 2 spots are going to Green Arrow and Lobo. New 52: Futures End is actually coming in a close 4th place this week which is unusual for the title.

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