Weekly Comic Review for 3/28/12

After much sleeping yesterday, I’m finally getting to the review.

Green Hornet #23 – For the most part, this is a stand alone story regarding some ex-military men who were injured and steal some battle suits that the army had developed and used them in. Interesting story but nothing overly grabbing. In fact, the intro to the storyline was a bit confusing until it gets explained later. There’s a couple pages of lead-in to an upcoming storyline of someone trying to frame the Green Hornet by impersonating him. The one big flaw in the comic is in the last few pages of the issue where Britt and Mulan are talking (and you know it’s her because of the talk about the kiss in the museum and also of the bad guy Mulan fought) but the woman Britt is talking to is white with short brown hair. How the hell do you make a mistake like that? And it’s not like it’s one frame. It’s 2 pages worth of art! WTF? You’ve got the artist, the inker, the letterer, the colorist, and who knows who else and no one caught this? *facepalm*

Green Lantern: New Guardians #7 – We find out the origin of Invictus, that he’s the last of a protector race that was killed by Larfleeze. It seems that Larfleeze is even more of an ass that he originally appeared, that he goes around killing just to get souls for more constructs, but this is one race he couldn’t capture. Invictus is pretty psycho himself as he plans to replace the old universe he used to guard with the new one because the old one is corrupt now. Major right winger there. We also get the return of Bleez and more of a growing connection between the New Guardians. It’s interesting watching how the different colors are mixing.

Legion Secret Origin #6 of 6 – We finalize the origin of the Legion and discover that the Time Trapper was the one behind everything. Not a big surprise but pretty cool that they kept with him. Who knows who he is this time around though. (In the past, he’s been Cosmic Boy and Superboy Prime.) It was an interesting tale and finally leads to at least mentioning being able to get to Superman to bring him on the team. It’s a little out of order, but oh well.

Magic the Gathering #3 – Still wrapped but I finally found copies of #2 and #3 to read. The story is interesting. We continue to follow the planeswalker Dack Fayden as he searches for the person who killed everyone in his town. It turns out they were killed by vampires in search of him because of his power. Since it’s vampires, it’s off to Innistrad we go. It turns out the weapon he had is related to vampire control which keeps things interesting. I like the art style of the book. And like the other issues, this comes with a Magic card, Feast of Blood, wth art from the cover. I’m wondering when we’ll see a Dack Fayden planeswalker card.

Teen Titans #7 – It’s a battle royal as the Teen Titans attempt to save Superboy. We learn a little more about Wonder Girl’s lasso and Kid Flash’s history (which he’s still trying to piece together. The book really isn’t that strong yet. I guess they are trying to give the team it’s growing pains but it’s just getting boring watching them not work well as a team. Hopefully it will come around soon.

While thinking about my top 3 of the week, 2 books were obvious choices, Green Lantern: New Guardians and Magic the Gathering. The other 3 were all only about average. If I had to choose a third book, I’d probably pick Teen Titans. I hope more of the New 52 books pick up… or better yet, go back to the old history!

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