Weekly Comic Review for 3/12/14

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. I hope you’re all having a great holiday. While you guys are enjoying your picnics, I’m here trying to get some more updates in.

All-New X-Men #24 – The Trial of Jean Grey part 5 of 6 – The trial continues and Starlord’s father calls Gladiator on being a narrow minded asshole. 😉 While taking Jean away during the trial’s debate, she manages to take out the entire team of Imperial Guard present. This leads to a battle between the Guard and the Guardians/X-Men team. Everything is finally coming to an end but it’s the start of something new as Jean’s power expand way beyond where they were in the past.

Avengers Undercover #1 – The kids escaped Murderworld a while ago. Where do they go from there? Hazmat has her powers under control now. Chase has a mohawk and is going on TV shows to talk about the experience on the island and Niko isn’t too happy with that. Deathlocket is at S.H.E.L.D. being studied. Cammi is with her mother in Alaska and Anachronism is at Bloodstone Manor. The real question is where Bloodstone is. The team finds out that he’s gone after Arcade, but what they don’t know is that he’s back in demon form and under Hellstorm’s control and both heroes now seem to be working with the Masters of Evil. This can’t be good news.

Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps #20 – Mission Improbable part 2 – It’s more of Bloodshot vs. Archer. There’s also a battle between (a badly drawn) Armstrong and the Hard C.O.R.P.S.. Our favorite immortal mops the floor with the team. Then the absurdity really ensues as he chases after Bloodshot and a captured Archer in a small car with a rocket launcher. Then Archer starts sleepwalk fighting back at the PRS. With all the stupid sects around, A&A has gone from goofy and funny to just plain stupid. I hope things get back on track. (Tho the cross-title storyline isn’t helping.)

Constantine #12 – Forever Evil:Blight tie-in – It’s John vs. Nick as the more of their history with Zatanna is revealed. We even get a kiss between John and Nick from back in the day when the three of them were performing a ritual.

Fox #5 – The stories of the Fox and the Shield come to a conclusion as they team up with the German and Japanese representatives to take on the Druid. They get view of the future which turns them on new paths and the series ends with all of them together in the bar in the present. And thus ends the series. Hopefully more Red Circle stuff will be on the way.

Green Lantern Corps #29 – John continues to battle the Durlan lantern and tries to get him on his side. Meanwhile, we find out that the corps has been infiltrated by a different Durlan.

Justice League of America #13 – Forever Evil tie-in – Star Girl fights Despero and finally frees the Justice League. The only problem is that we find out that this whole thing was actually one of the dream sequences and that she was never actually free. This feels like that episode of Dallas where you find out the whole season was a dream. At least this whole thing is ending soon.

Justice League 3000 #4 – Ariel finally meets the Justice League while Locus plays around with Green Lantern. Back at Cadnus, the twins “resurrect” the Flash again and also bring Firestorm back to the team.

Magnus, Robot Fighter – We start off with Magnus back before everything became a mess. He was a teacher in an age where robots were everywhere and worked well with people. He had a friend who was an A.I. We see the robots rebel in the past and then jump to the “present” where Magnus is being tracked by human hunters. Interesting to see a start to the whole Robot Hunter title.

Avengers Undercover is definitely in the top 3 for me. I want to see where this all goes. Magnus was a good book and I’ll list it too but it wasn’t enough of a draw to add to my already too long pull list. Despite the really bad revelation, Justice League of America was a decent book and I guess that will round out the top 3.

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