Weekly Comic Review for 1/29/14

Time to catch up some more.

Damian: Son of the Bat #4 of 4 – Damian fights to save Bruce. Despite the odds, me makes his way through the mob of villains fueled by feelings he really didn’t didn’t realize he actually felt. He makes it to Joker 2.0 and tries not to be the assassin but finally gives in. He doesn’t quite kill him though. That problem is solved though by the original Joker who seems to still be alive. Damian goes on to instill the fear that Batman always causes.

Earth 2 Annual #2 – Speaking of a new Batman, we finally get the origin of the new Earth 2 Batman. As a matter of trust, Batman reveals who he is and how he became Batman to the rest of his team. It turns out that before Bruce Wayne died, he learned that his father was still alive after his apparent murder from being associated with a crime family. After Brice died saving the world, Thomas took up the mantle to honor him. He uses Miraclo to give him strength. Interesting direction to go in this version. Batman’s father as the combo Batman/Hourman.

Green Lantern Corps Annual #2 – This is a very unusual annual. We get background information on the escaped villains as they ally themselves with the Green Lanterns to stop the Durlans and all the chaos they are starting. We also learn that there is a Durlan Green Lantern, Von Daggle. Looks like they are keeping a good guy connection through the line to Reep Daggle, Chameleon Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes. The whole annual is pretty much just an informational set-up for stuff to come to keep you interested.

Justice League Dark #27 – Forever Evil: Blight tie-in – While Constantine and Nightmare Nurse set out their inner demons to fight Blight physically, the Phantom Stranger, Pandora, and Zauriel take on Blight on a spiritual level. After some astral battling, Chris awakes, sheds Blight, and becomes the Spirit of Redemption. It seems this was his path but he needed to experience all the evil before he’d be able to redeem it. Blight is now gone so now it’s time to find Zatana and the others.

Red Lanterns #27 – Guy gets a new look with a mustache and scruffy hair. It’s actually an interesting look for him. (The cover still shows his old look though. Guess they didn’t want to give it away.) Guy send Bleeze off to find whomever has Ratchet’s ring now and Rancorr tags along. Meanwhile, Guy heads back to work with the other 2 Red Lanterns in tow. He goes off to try to get Ice back while allowing his alien teammates to sight see. This leads them to encountering a very xenophobic Shadow Thief. Leave it to the Red Lanterns to get into trouble without even trying. Tho Guy seems to be getting into enough trouble with Ice as it is too. We finish things off with Bleeze and Rancorr finding Atrocitus and Dex-Starr along with the new and very creepy looking Red Lantern. This can’t be good for them. Lots going on and still more character development. That’s one good thing about this book.

Teen Titans #27 – It’s the trial of Bar Tor. Kid Flash hasn’t been quite what he seems. Superboy isn’t even who he seems. Everyone seems to be having issues figuring everyone out and no one even realizes what’s up with Raven. Though they get to find out what’s really up with Kid Flash as his true self is revealed. At this rate, is there going to really be anyone left on the team?

It’s another 50/50 split week. Earth 2 Annual and Red Lanterns are easy choices for the Top 3. The third spot is little harder. The other books aren’t bad but really don’t stand out as much. If I had to pick one more, I’d probably have to say Teen Titans because it still has me guessing as to what’s going to be going on. The others are a little more predictable.

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