Weekly Comic Review for 8/26/15

Time to start catching up now that I’ve updated the entry for the 19th.

Flash #43 – We get a little more on Barry’s father as Barry catches up to him as both himself and as the Flash. We find out that his father knows more about Zoom than we knew. He also cares a lot about Barry. As a follow-up to the annual, Flash has his first run in with Zoom’s gang. It doesn’t go well.

Harley Quinn #19 – Harley and crew are still having sailor problems and nothing they do seems to be good enough. Meanwhile, the mother of some of the girls shows up at the home base looking for them. Just as things start looking really bad for the Harleys, the mother parachutes in with a gun and takes the sailor down. Next on her agenda is giving Harley Quinn a major talking to for allowing the girls to be part of it. It’s then that she find out that the 5 sisters are only 14 years old. They certainly don’t look their age. Looks like the team will be short a few members.

Justice League of America #3 – We start off with Green Lantern and Flash teleporting into the midst of an army. While trying to defend themselves, Flash disappears leaving GL all alone. Hal finds out that he’s actually on Krypton 250,000 years in the past and the army takes him to go see Ra. Flash ends up in the lab where all the alternate reality Supermen had been showing up. Back on Earth, things are boring as Ra does his good deeds. Wonder Woman is still trapped on a deserted Olympus too. That part is the most boring. Really, Green Lantern’s part is the only part that interests me right now.

Last Days of the Ant-Man #1 – This is a one-shot showing what happened to Scott right before the world ended. It starts off with Ant-Man stealing an amulet from the Slug for his boss. It turns out Mary Morgenstern was also know as Mary Morgan and also Miss Patriot. (For being a fan of Invaders era and team related characters, I had never heard of her but I looked her up and she’s been around since 1940.) She wanted the amulet to give a lot of the old heroes that were still alive one last chance at being heroes and turned them all young. Among the old heroes we got to see were the Human Top, the Thunderer, Leopard Girl, and Golden Girl. I have to really appreciate the return of the old-school characters. After Scott’s ex stops him from seeing Cassie, he hits a bar where he ends up running into the (female) Beetle. In an odd twist they end up hooking up and are in bed the next morning. Scott is still wearing his helmet. Did he have that on during sex??? As the morning banter happens, the universe ends. It’s a cute book. The spotlight for me was the WWII era heroes though.

Marvel Zombies #3 – We have more of Elsa’s flashbacks which, honestly, are the most boring part of the book. Elsa activated the stone again to save the kid she’s been hanging out with who is just now revealed to be a girl and also that being bitten by a zombie isn’t changing her. From the artwork, it is (intentionally) hard to tell, but you’d think Elsa would have figured it out by this point. We then see more of the figure that has been tracking the pair down. It turns out that is Ulysses Bloodstone and he’s looking pretty messed up.

Teen Titans #11 – I wanted to like this. I really did. But as big of a Titans fan as I am, I just can’t keep wasting my money on these bad stories. Days after last issue, Raven is still out of commission. She just lays there and talks to them. The teams breaks into jail to find Despero. Apparently, Chimera can duplicate anyone’s powers so I don’t know why she doesn’t go all Raven or something. Superboy returns too. It’s far from an interesting story and I’m really tired of it being dragged out this long. I’ve lost any interest in caring any more.

We Are Robin #3 – I really thought this was going to be better from the preview. The team is disarming bombs and the Nest is fumbling at giving them instructions. Because of this (and his desire to save the city no matter what), Robin Troy gets killed. He was actually one of the few cool looking Robins. I can’t say anything about his personality because most of them really have none yet which is one thing that is boring me about this. Oh, and Batman (Commissioner Gordon) appears and the Robins learn he knows nothing about them. It looks like Alfred is the one behind all this. Really not much of a surprise.

Well, quite a variety of books this week. Time to look at the top 3. Teen Titans and We Are Robin are going to be dropped from my list so that brings us down to 5 contenders. I’m going to have to go with Harley Quinn, Last Days of Ant-Man, and Marvel Zombies. Lets hope titles start picking up. We need better writers out there.

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