Weekly Comic Review for 2/5/14

OK. Time to do up a couple more weeks…

All-New Invaders #2 – Captain America and Winter Soldier hunt down the Human Torch and fight the female version of Ronin. It seems like all the weapon’s pieces have come together and the pieces of the story are doing the same. It seems that the original (alien) Vision is back in the middle of all the Invaders stuff and he’s the reason Namor, Torch, and Bucky’s memories all got erased. (Why is he suddenly a big part of everything Invaders when there’s characters that were actually part of the old stories that would be cooler to see?) The team is off to save Namor now though and they didn’t call in any of the other old team members (Toro, Spitfire, Union Jack, etc.). I really hope they make the most of this chance with the Invaders.

Archer & Armstrong: Archer #0 – It’s history of Archer. It turns out he was a kid who was kidnapped after showing potential for being a psiot. When it turned out that he had the ability to duplicate the abilities of others, the woman who ends up being his “mother” gets control of him. It turns out that this was the reason he picked up all the martial arts so well. This leads into a cross over with the H.A.R.D. Corps. I wonder if he’ll be able to duplicate their abilities and if we’ll see more psiot ability duplication in the future.

Earth 2 #20 – Aquawoman shows off how powerful she is and Red Tornado/Lois Lane connects with the new Kryptonian and gets him to accept his new destiny. It’s interesting watching the characterization grow but this battle is taking forever. I just want to find out what’s going on with Superman and how this is all going to get concluded. Story arcs shouldn’t take a year or so each. I’m torn on how much I really like what’s going on here. I like if they did things in more sort term stuff, it’d be better.

Forever Evil #5 of 7 – It’s the “New Justice League” vs Power Ring and his team of bad guys. There are some real twists as Sinestro literally disarms Power Ring (which makes you wonder where Volthoom’s ring will go next) and Deathstroke switches sides. Things are looking up until Ultraman reveals that whomever was behind the problems on Earth 3 has reached Earth 1. It should be interesting to see who it was behind all of this trouble.

Fox #4 – The Fox, Inferno, and the Marvel take on the Druid and the ensorceled king. The Diamond Queen shows up at the last minute to save the day though and send the team home. The only problem is that the Fox doesn’t make it home. He actually shows up with Shield in a scene that ties the main story with the backup one and leads into the next issue. Never saw that twist coming. Hopefully there will be other backup stuff after this all ends and not just the Shield.

Green Lantern/Red Lanterns #28 – Red Daughter of Krypton parts 1 and 2 flipbook – OK, I have no idea why they decided to do this but they follow up with the stuff going on in both books, toss in Supergirl suddenly being a Red Lantern and put both books in one issue. Maybe they are trying to boost sales on one of them or just trying to be different. It’s just $2.99 for the combo though so I guess it’s a good price at least instead of making you pay more if you were just going to get one of them. Tossing in Supergirl out of nowhere though is odd. (I don’t read Supergirl so don’t know if this started there or if they will explain the back story later.) Overall, I’m not really impressed tho. Oh, and from the way Hal is acting, I’m not sure if he doesn’t know/remember he sent the Reds to 2814 or if he’s just trying to hide the fact that he did from the Green team. It’s really a very confusing comic.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #1 – The All-Mother sends Loki on a mission to the Avengers which gets him attacked. (Yes, they start it.) It turns out Thor has been corrupted and Loki is actually the savior. (Who would have seen that coming either?) The only problem is that Loki is actually the problem too. The energy that is drawn from Thor is actually the essence of an evil Loki in his old form. This can’t be good. The new Loki has been pretty interesting so I hope they don’t send him back too soon.

Shadowman #15 – It’s more of the Abettors trying to take down Jack, appearances of other loas, and learning that it wasn’t really Dox that Alyssa saw. Someone is playing around with things in Jack’s life and I’m honestly not sure if the new direction of the title is strong enough to make me care.

Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger #16 – Forever Evil: Blight tie-in – The Phantom Stranger and Nightmare Nurse go into Constantine’s head to help him stop being nuts after the spell cast to fight Blight. Once they get him back to normal (or at least normal for him), they head off in search for the Justice League Dark. Now we just need to see how they fare against the magical folk who are holding them for the Crime Syndicate.

Somewhat of a bumpy road this week comic-wise but there are a few good ones. The top spots go to Archer & Armstrong: Archer, Forever Evil, and Loki: Agent of Asgard. I’m not planning to follow Loki but the first issue was a decent enough read. I really miss the days of shorter story arcs or single issue stories as well as comics that continued to keep your interest month after month.

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