DC Sharpens the Axe Yet Again

Yes. It’s true. DC is chopping some more books from it’s list. Among them are 2 more from the original 52, Demon Knights and Legion of Super-Heroes. The Legion has definitely floundered in recent months. It’s had too many stories going on at the same time and lost focus easily. I was questioning dropping it but I’ll probably stick around until issue #23 when it ends. Demon Knights, also ending with issue #23, is one I’ll be sad to see go. I enjoy the dynamic of the group. I just hope they make the most of what’s left. Next among those getting cut is one of the Wave 2 titles, Dial H. I had high hopes for this title but at this point, I think it’s just become comic book euthanasia. It’s been dying a slow death and it’s time to take it out back and shoot it as it hits issue 15. The final book of this round of cuts is Threshold which is only making it to #4. I never checked out this book which spun out of Green Lantern: New Guardians and seems to have never picked up speed.

So, the real question is… when is DC going to realize that the New 52 is a big flop and go back to the old universe. The Legion titles already talked about the “Flashpoint event” like it was some sort of time bubble. I’d love to go back to some of the good old titles and characters. Let’s get the real Tim Drake back. Bring back the Secret Six and their villainous coolness. Give me back a Justice Society with it’s history and wisdom that can be a home for the next generation. Bring back Wally. (You’re welcome to have Barry disappear again in trade.) I want my Green Arrow who’s grizzled history still allows him a bit of a hippy view at times. (And don’t forget his arguments with Hawkman!) Make Zatanna cool again and get Supes back into his spandex and red undies. And most of all… BRING BACK JACK KNIGHT AS STARMAN!!!! OK, that last part probably won’t happen, but I can wish, right?

Seriously though. The number of titles that have gotten cancelled in the 2 years the New 52 has been around is incredible. No, let’s make it “ridiculous”. You knew a whole bunch of #1s were going to do well, but after that, you see what works. Obviously, not a lot has. Sure, people are going to stick with Superman and Batman. The problem is that probably at least half of the books left from the original set are from those 2 corners of the DC universe. I was a big DC fan but I’m seriously running out of books to read any more. (Not that Marvel is any better. Half of theirs are either Avengers or X-Men, aren’t they?)

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