Weekly Comic Review for 12/23/15

I’ve got a light week this time after what was in the last post.

Extraordinary X-Men #4 – First thing we start off with this issue is catching up with Colossus, Magik, Nightcrawler, and Mister Sinister. It turns out he has been capturing mutants to try to find a way to make them resilient to the Terrigen Mists. (It’s always about the Inhumans, isn’t it?) He’s testing stuff out on an unknown elephant-like mutant but that doesn’t work too well. Supposedly, the only way to make them safe from the mists is to make them part Inhuman too but he hasn’t figured out how. The real question comes down to which X-Man to test with now. Back in Limbo, the X-Men hold the demons off until Forge can finally get a working force shield up and then head off to find out what happened to Illyana. The X-Men show up to save their teammates from Sinister and free Colossus and Magik. Something is still not right with Nightcrawler though. Not sure what’s up in his head right now. Sinister does reveal that he’s had one potential success so far with his procedures though. That subject is none other than the previously thought dead X-Man, Cyclops. Still no idea why he was thought dead because everyone else killed so far in Secret Wars (like Doctor Strange and the Thing) is back fine.

Justice League of America #6 – We’re back to too much stuff going on in this storyline. We get a few pages of everything. Aquaman is dealing with people being under Rao’s control. Rao whines about how Superman should have given in to him and make things easier. Flash gets a tour of the Infinity Corporation building and little generic but not very revealing background on the group. Somehow, a portal opens up dumping Aquaman and a bunch of Rao’s prophets into the floating part of Olympus where Diana was so Rao’s men promptly sacrifice themselves to explode everything. Finally, Green Lantern and the Rao of the past show up to the city they are traveling to and it turns out the Infinity Corporation building is there. I don’t know what to make of any of this right now. They did manage to update just about everything but there’s so many different things going on that you don’t get too much in any area.

Titans Hunt #3 – It’s Atlantean vs. Amazon with Dick Grayson trying to not get squished in between them. During the battle, Donna gets thrown through a well and they all see a sign that says “Teen Clubhouse” with the word Titans painted between the words. Memories of each other start coming to the fore too, like Donna knowing to call Dick Robin. Someone who looks like the ghost of Mister Twister is, for lack of a better word, haunting Lilith. I’d love to know what’s causing this and the shadows and stuff. I’m sure it will be explained. I’m just not very patient. Gnarrk rescues Roy who keeps saying he’s “speedy”. (Given that the lettering is in all caps, it’s hard to know if he means “Speedy” or just “speedy”.) It comes down to all of the group (Donna, Dick, Garth, Gnarrk, Roy, Mal, and Lillith hearing something that hurts their ears. It knocks Malcolm out which Karen somehow instinctly knows about. Then, we get a one page appearance of Hawk and Dove. Hank hears it but Dawn does not because Hank’s brother Don was Hawk at the time this whole group was in the Titans. I’m really liking this and all the mystery is keeping me drawn in. I can’t wait until the next issue.

Only three comics this week so no top 3, but I would definitely recommend Titans Hunt. With the injection of Convergence stuff coming in, I have to say this is the best so far. Extraordinary X-Men is worth a look too, but I’m not happy with Justice League of America. Part of me is a completionist and wants to see the end of the storyline and part of me wants to cut my losses and not waste any more money on this title.

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