Weekly Comic Review for 1/23/13

OK. So much for good plans. Major projects at my job have kept me busy and/or sick but at least I’m finally getting to this.

Banshee Origins – This was a free comic. I wasn’t sure what this was even about. I guess there’s a show on Cinemax that this is based on about some mob people hiding out in a little town in the middle of nowhere. The story is a little background on how a the daughter of the mob boss and her lover end up there. Not really my thing.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9: Buffyverse Sampler – This issue actually had 4 first issues. First is a Buffy story about a party at her new house and introducing her new roommates tho it starts off with her waking up and note remembering half the night. The next story is an Angel & Faith story in which they fight a demon that Giles had contained, but I guess he is dead now and can’t follow up on it. Now, Angel wants to bring him back. There is a Spike story with bugs and aliens (You’re kidding, right?) and a Willow story that has her teamed up with a demon (or human who looks like one) in another dimension. I thought this might be a good jump on point but there are a lot of questions from not reading the stuff since the TV series.

Green Lantern #16 – Rise of the Third Army – Simon teams up with B’dg who had come looking for Hal Jordan. They track down Simon’s battery and get some details on what happened with Hal and Sinestro. Simon also shows he has the willpower to do more than most other Green Lanterns have been able to do.

Green Lantern Corps #16 – Rise of the Third Army – Simon and B’dg show up to save Guy from the Third Army. Meanwhile John and Fataility track down the pieces of Mogo that have been trying to reform. I’m a big Mogo fan so I’d love to see that happen, especially if he can help shape the Guardians back in shape.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #16 – Rise of the Third Army – Ganthet attacks Kyle on Zamaron where he is having trouble channeling the violet part of the spectrum. During the battle, he’s finally able to channel it (along with the other 6 colors) and turns into a White Lantern. Ganthet runs away from this. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Harbinger #8 – Peter and group track down their next person who has decided to go by The Condition. He’s a crippled kid who is able to form an ideal form around himself which is strong able to get around. In the middle of the recruitment, Project Rising Spirit attacks leaving some of the members in critical shape. This is getting interesting.

JSA Liberty Files: The Whistling Skull #2 of 6 – The Whistling Skull and his sidekick continue to to investigate things while the flashbacks continue. I thought there would be more JSA in this book but it seems to use the Liberty File stuff as a jumping off point for a story just about the Skull.

Legion of Super-Heroes #16 – While the rest of the Legion tallies their votes for a new leader, Cham, Vi, and Lightning Lass check in on Validus. The problem is that it appears he is missing too. (It’s good to see Gravity Kid again though I wish they’d do more with him and Power Lad.) In the end, they choose someone who hasn’t been leader before even though she’s one of the earliest members — Phantom Girl. This should be interesting.

Nightwing #16 – Death of the Family – The Joker really messes with Nightwing, taking him to Amusement Mile for their big battle. The problem is that Dick doesn’t fight the Joker. Instead, he’s fighting Joker-ized members of the carnival which shows Dick that he wasn’t able to protect them like he said they would and leads to his fall. I wonder where the next issue will lead him now that he’s captured and the Joker knows all his secrets already.

Uncanny X-Force #1 – This looks like it’s going to be the oddest cast of them all. On the cover we have Storm, Psylocke, Puck (from Alpha Flight, so why is he here?), Spiral (a bad guy), Cluster (the female split off from Fantomex who I know nothing about), and Bishop. All that happens in this issue is some background stuff and a few of them coming together. Plus, Bishop returns to the currecnt time period.

Young Avengers #1 – Finally back in their own title but with a couple changes. Teddy still wants to be a hero despite Billy wanting to lay low. After a long talk about how Teddy doesn’t have the family and such Billy does, Billy reaches out to fix that tho this might not go as well as planned. Kate (Hawkeye) seems to be spending a little “quality time” with Noh-Varr (a.k.a Marvel Boy a.k.a. Captain Marvel) so I’m guessing we’ll be seeing both of them. Loki seems to look like a young teen now (tho I’m not sure why) who runs across Miss America (who I guess had something to do with the Initiative from what I’ve seen online but I don’t remember her). Everyone is crossing paths. Obviously Iron Lad and young Vision are gone, Patriot retired, Stature is dead, and Speed evidently took off because things were too “normal”. (I kinda liked him so I hope he returns.) With half the team new, I’m not sure how things will go but I hope it goes well. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the old cast return tho.

And on to the Top 3 before I head to bed. I think I’ll go with Green Lantern, Harbinger, and Young Avengers this time around. Each one has something fresh with some place to grow. Let’s hope they all do well.

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