Weekly Comic Review for 1/16/13

Yup. I’m working on catching up on my reviews. So, here’s another week of books.

All-New X-Men #6 – This issue focuses on some solo stories of the original X-Men as they adjust. First, Kitty helps Jean learn to control her telepathy. Then, Cyclops takes off onto the town to avoid the way people react to him due to the modern Cyclops’ actions. Lastly, Angel finally gets to meet his current day self.

Archer & Armstrong #6 – With the Eternal Warrior on their heals, Archer and Armstrong search for the new Geomancer. Meanwhile, we meet her as she goes through a normal day until she starts hearing the voices of the the Earth around her. Then she meets Earth’s avatar who fills her in on what’s been going on. This has been a consistently great book with the right balance of humor and action.

Bloodshot #7 – This issue is a flashback issue where we see how Bloodshot has interacted with the Harbinger Foundation in the past and also see how he was used by the government to get what they wanted. It ties in with the group of kids he found at the end of the prior issue and, I assume, ties in with the upcoming Harbinger Wars. Overall, it’s just background info and while not bad, it’s not great either.

Demon Knights #16 – After 30 years, not much has really changed for the Demon Knights. Given most are near immortals, that’s not surprising. But first we start off on an attack on a monastery by vampires led by Cain. Then we start tracking down the knights. Horsewoman is hunted down and it seems to be immortal as long as she is on a horse. She’s tossed into a cell where she finds Exoristos and Sir Ystin. In a confusing instance, they are freed as it seems they were not to be captured by just gathered…. by the forces of the now much older Al Jabr. He wants to stop the vampires but feels they need 1 more former teammate, Vandal Savage. One thing they don’t realize is that Savage has Jason Blood as a captive too. Sounds like a real family reunion coming up. Given it’s the same cast for the most part, I wonder why they did the 30 year jump and what they plan do to with the characters now.

Legion Lost #16 – After all the stuff building up, this is the last issue of the title. Daggor is stopped, Wildfire gets his old costume back, and the Legion is just left sitting there. We do get to find out what happened to Gates as his past self pops up during the battle. Talk about bad timing.

Ravagers #8 – This issue mostly revolves around Rose and Warblade as they deal with the repercussions of one of Harvest’s experiments getting lose and infecting a town. The two of them walk the precarious line between hero and villain while trying to figure out what to do until Fairchild’s group shows up. It’s an interesting character study on the 2 bad guys this issue who are Ravagers also. They’re just the original type.

Shorter week this time, so there’s a 50/50 split here. The top 3 are All-New X-Men and Archer & Armstrong are right at the top. Demon Knights and Ravagers are both interesting but I’ll give the 3rd spot to Demon Knights this week. Now, time to get some more reading in to see if I can only be 1 week behind come next comic day.

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