Weekly Comic Review for 11/7/12

I’ve got a big week of comics coming from today so let’s get last week’s stuff reviewed.

Avengers Academy #39 – Series Finale. It’s time for the students to graduate. It makes me wonder where the others are the joined the original crew other than Lightspeed, White Tiger, and X-23. (There were a lot of interesting ones like Thunderstrike, Ricochet, Juston and the Sentinel, Turbo, and Butterball.) The group (less Veil who no longer has powers) are offered places in the Avengers in a more junior membership level. Striker has a date at a prom, Veil returns to school so she can work as staff for the Avengers, Lightspeed goes on a date, Reptil and White Tiger connect more while talking on the beach, and Mettle and Hazmat connect in a whole different way. This is all leading into the Avengers Arena coming out. It’s an interesting end to the series. I’m disappointed to both see it end but also that so much that got built up got dropped so fast without explanation.

Dial H #6 – Nelson is in the body of Chief Mighty Arrow and left sitting around the house all day. *yawn* There’s some recent history between the 2 dialers but nothing exciting. At the end, we find out there may be another dial though.

Earth 2 #6 – Green Lantern breaks from the Grey with a plan to beat Grundy. The problem is that he is too stuck on himself to stay teamed with Flash and Hawkgirl. (Atom just wants to capture the heroes.) Plus, Khan and Terry Sloan continue to fight over how to run things with the Council backing Sloan. It looks like next issue we find out what happened to Mr. Terrific, last seen in the first issue.

Green Lantern #14 – Rise of the Third Army – I like this title but there is just too much going on this issue. The Guardians talk to the first Green Lantern (who seems to have pre-dated the Manhunters), Simon Baz tries to escape the JLA and meets with his sister, the Third Army continues to attack, Black Hand talks to one of the other set of Guardians, and Hal and Sinistro explore the world that I’m taking is in Black Hand’s ring. So much time was spend on the stupid chase that everything else only got a 1-3 pages.

Iron Man #1 – We get to see Tony socialize as his usual playboy self which is an amusing read. He gets pulled off to start investigating the Extremis storyline starting this issue. We also get to see Tony’s new sense suit of armor that forms itself around him made out of “smart metal” that molds itself into shape. It might be interesting to see what other uses he’ll have to such a flexibly formed armor. I actually downloaded the AR app to check out some of the pages but they were all stupid things seeing pages go from pencil to color. *yawn*

New Crusaders #3 – The Shield tries to push the kids into their powers one way or another which mostly seems to backfire. (The monkey has a better idea of how to deal with the kids than he does.) We also get to meet Bob Phantom, another adult hero that is still around. Plus, there’s a backup story starring Fly Girl.

Shadowman #1 – We start off with a little history on the previous Shadowman, the father of Jack Boniface. We then move to Jack as an adult where he is looking for information on his parents. The news he gets isn’t good and leads him on a path to not only get caught by the bad guys but to unlock the power of the Shadowman. The book has a variant cover that is all black other than the bar code. That’s the one I picked up.

Scarlet Spider #11 – Minimum Carnage part 4 – Kaine vs. Carnage leading to Carnage’s capture along side Venom. It appears that the bad guys want to use the symbiotes to kill the god of the Microverse. Since I’m not reading Venom, I’ve missed part of the story and honestly care little about this right now. I liked the book at the start but my interest is starting to wane.

This week had a lot of mediocre books. Not terrible but not great. That’s making the top 3 a little harder this week. Shadowman had a nice start so that will be my first choice. Avengers Academy was nice for the individual storylines as a nice closer so it will be number 2. The third book will go to Iron Man, mostly for the Tony Stark side of things. I enjoy a decent look at the person as well as the hero. I just wish the books had been better overall.

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