Weekly Comic Review for 8/3/11

I’m almost caught up on my comic books. Just been trying to find tme to post about them. So here I go for one week and hopefully another later after meeting a friend for dinner.

Adventure Comics #529 – After a couple years, Adventure Comics comes to an end again. Comet Queen, Chemical Kid, and Dragonwing all run into Cosmic King. Back at the academy, Variable Lad, Gravity Kid, and Glorith rally forces and head out to join the battle. In the end, Variable Lad sacrifices himself to kill Cosmic King. Gravity Kid leaves the academy but not before revealing that the rumors of being gay were true with the line “The Science Police have a trailing spouse spot for me on Takron-Galtos. And I’m going to join Jeddiah… I can do some good there… and I’ll be where I’m suppose to be… with him.” (The bold is right in the actual text.) Not only was he gay but Power Boy is too. I really hope this isn’t the last we see of Gravity Kid because to get rid of a confirmed gay character that quick would be infuriating. (Especially one in as sexy an outfit as Tel.) I guess we’ll see what happens in Legion of Super-Heroes #1 next month.

Avengers Academy #17 – The “Fear Itself” storyline is stretching on endlessly still. It’s the end of the battle in DC (finally!) and the kids head back to the academy to rest. Veil talks to Mettle about killing someone as the hammer wielding Titania and the Absorbing Man attack the subspace location of the academy.

Flashpoint #4 (of 5) – Flashpoint is moving on to the end with only 1 issue left to go. The Element Woman joins Flash, Batman, and Cyborg as they head off to the group of kids who together make up Captain Thunder (this world’s Captain Marvel). The kids eventually agree to join the battle and the team heads off to the battle between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Enchantress, who joins them part way ends up turning on them leading to the death of Billy Batson. A sudden Lightning strike (seemingly from Billy) takes everyone down but Zoom shows up and says, “Look what you did.” I wonder what issue 5 will bring.

Flashpoint: Secret Seven #3 (of 3) – Amethyst is dead (tho the M-Vest isn’t beyond reanimating her for a while). This brings Zatanna (I like her normal look better), Raven, and Mindwarp into the fray. The Enchantress kills Raven and Windwarp only to have Zatanna turn a death spell on her. The spell takes its toll on Zatanna but fails to totally kill Enchantress and Shade is set adrift in some odd dimension.

Flashpoint: World of Flashpoint #3 (of 3) – It’s Traci 13 vs. her father and his weapon. Traci 13 reaches her father but a little too late and he flies off to sacrifice himself to stop the weapons. Traci saves him but at the cost of her powers. It’s cliche but a nice finale to the story.

Herc #6 – In another “Fear Itself” tie-in, Hercules’ gambit pays off an he’s able to get close enough to take on his foes. With the help of his new villain sidekicks (who get powered up with the energy that was meant for Kyknos), Herc takes down Kyknos and saves the day.

Heroes for Hire #10 – More “Fear Itself” over here too. Shroud and Electra continue to take on Purple Man’s group as Paladin and Gargoyle face their inner demons. *yawn*

Secret Six #36 – The Six get stabbed in the back by Penguin who calls in the good guys and the Six are defeated and taken in. A sad way to end the series.

Superboy #10 – The history of Tannarak is revealed through the times of Arion, the Viking Prince, and the Kents of the wild west. This all leads up to the final confrontation coming up as the series is ending.

One more week down. Some good and some quite boring this week. I think I’ll have to do Adventure Comics (for showing GK was gay), Flashpoint, and Superboy (for all the cool cameos – I like Arion). I’ll try to get the 10th and 17thth posted soon. Off to dinner now…

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