Weekly Comic Review from 12/21/11

Got another week done. Here we go.

Green Hornet #20 – This issue starts with a flashback to the original Green Hornet and Kato following up to the current pair fighting the same person years later. It’s an interesting comparison between the connections between the 2 teams as well as seeing Brit and Mulan in a more social setting. With all the action, the book definitely needs to develop some of the “out of uniform” relationships and this was a step in the right direction.

Green Lantern Corps #4 – The 4 Green Lanterns left behind are captured by the race now known as the Keepers. They kill off one of the “red shirt” Green Lanterns and take the other 3 with them. When they get to their new location, they walk through a field that has impressions of Green Lantern batteries in rows. Meanwhile, Guy is interrogating the Keeper that was captured when Martian Manhunter shows up. The odd thing is that Guy has no clue who he is. More reboot oddness shows up. I’m not happy with these missing history popping up so oddly. Through Martian Manhunter, we do find out that the Keepers used to be the former tenders of the power batteries. Not sure where this is going. The Guardians are really coming out to be more secretive than they ever did before.

Justice League #4 – We start off with Victor Stone learning about his new cybernetic body as it operates in automatic mode, showing him what it can do. Then, Aquaman shows up, sees the group, and offers to become leader. And for a change, some people are actually impressed that he can talk to sea life. Amidst all this, Cyborg shows up with the group too just in time to see Darkseid. We close out with the “Employee Dossier” for S.T.A.R. Labs and a costume layout for the Flash. I used to be really into the JLA but this book is too boring and the character interactions get lamer and lamer. I wish they has just jumped into the modern day so we could get past this introduction part. Having comics at different random points in time is annoying too.

Legion of Super-Heroes #4 – The Legion puts Chemical Kid to use taking down Res-Vir. Brainiac 5 studies Glorith’s powers and claims they are time related. That leaves Dragonwing as the only fairly useless one from the academy. (Tho I wish they hasn’t killed off Variable Lad as the random powers made things interesting. And getting rid of Gravity Kid, the only gay member and one who seemed to have some popularity, was lame too. I hope they bring him back.) Meanwhile, the rest of the team takes care of the Dominator threat. Overall, nothing overly esciting. Too many things are going on at once.

Nightwing #4 – Barbara Gordon shows up following a new shapeshifter called Spinebender of all things. Nightwing and Batgirl team up (following their team-up in Batgirl’s title) to take the bad guy down. Barb’s appearance makes things complicated between Dick and Raya. The play between Barbara and Dick is interesting as we don’t know what their actual history is any more.

A lot of the books this week are a bit lackluster. I’d say Green Hornet is good for the top 3. Beyond that, I guess I’d go with Nightwing and Green Lantern Corps as the next in line. DC really needs to work on their books or this reboot will have turned into a bigger disappointment than a lot of people predicted.

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