Weekly Comic Review for 1/30/13

Time for another week of catch up. This week had a couple special issues because of local creators. I was able to get Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill #1 signed by Steve Rude and Invincible #100 signed by Cory Walker. So, on to the reviews.

Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill #1 – This one-shot is about a character Dollar Bill, a former sports star turned actor who played a “hero” who was used in bank ads. When the Minutemen run a recruitment effort, Bill ends up joining even though he wasn’t a real hero. Sadly, he doesn’t last too long which is why it’s a one-shot. It’s an interesting story tho.

Green Hornet #33 – The new armored and flying Green Hornet is the star of the book now. He’s got the backing of the mayor and there are even “deputy” Green Hornets running around. He’s fighting bad guys like you would find in regular comics which makes this stand out less from regular books. I’m not sure what’s up with the changes lately but the comic is getting lame.

Green Lantern Corps Annual #1 – Rise of the Third Army – Finally, the story concludes. The Guardians start gathering the Lanterns to sacrifice them to the Third Army. Guy, Kilowog, and the other free Lanterns start an assault to take down the Guardians and are then backed up by the Manhunters. (Simon Bas and B’dg get dragged into the Book of Black.) The turning point comes when White Lantern Kyle Lantern and the New Guardians show up. The Guardians draw on the power of the First Lantern to overpower the Lanterns which sets the First Lantern free and leads into the next storyline. On top of this. Mogo pulls back together into a whole planet again.

Invincible #100 – Honestly, the only reason I picked it up was to get one of the 50 copies that got signed at my local comic shop. It’s the end of a storyline that I know nothing about so I couldn’t follow it anyway.

Masters of the Universe #6 – Following arguments with his minions and a decapitated head, Skeletor battles He-Man and Teela. Left for dead after the battle, Skeletor get pulled to another area with a mysterious villain.

Masters of the Universe: Origin of He-Man #1 – This one-shot shows how Prince Adam gets the Sword of Power and becomes He-Man. The story jumps around and isn’t the easiest thing to follow.

Red Lanterns #16 – Although it doesn’t carry the brand of “Rise of the Third Army”, this had the final steps of Atrocitus getting control of the Manhunters on his home planet which he sends off to Oa. Also, there’s more of Rancorr and Bleez on Earth and information on what’s going on under Ysmalt.

Teen Titans #16 – More of Death of Family. Red Hood guest stars as the Joker does a 2 for 1 torture. There’s a short appearance by the other Titans but it’s mostly part of the Bat storyline that I care nothing about.

X-Men Legacy #5 – Legion releases some Dire Wraiths on the Jean Grey School so he can sneak in astrally and check on Blindfold. We get a look into her history which gives more information on what’s been going on. Legion finally pieces it all together as we found out that things aren’t all as they seemed with the twins and the real manipulator since the first issue is revealed. There was no real way to see this coming but it’s still interesting.

There are a few good issue and some not so great ones. Three books stand out from the others. They are Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill, Green Lantern Corps Annual, and X-Men: Legacy.

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