Weekly Comics Review for 4/18/12

I’m working on catching up. I have a few posts to do up in the next few days. But I’ll start off with this one…

Batman Beyond Unlimited #3 – This issue, the book is split into 3 parts. The first half is a Superman story. It seems a descendant of Lex Luthor is coming into the mix. Then we follow up on Batman’s battle with Mad Stan and Dana coming to Terry for help with her brother. Finally, we follow up with the Justice League and their recovered allies, Micron and Amanda Waller. Really nothing exciting.

Defenders #5 – The Defenders investigate the underwater door with the symbol from the wish artifact. Silver Surfer knocks down the door letting out a bunch of ancient underwater women. Plus, they find pictured of Captain Nemo and hint that he may be Namor’s father. Finally, Iron Fist and Misty’s dinner is disrupted by someone claiming some people are getting killed and it’s Danny’s fault. Oh, and all the cool text at the bottom of the pages in is runes instead of English. UGH!

Green Lantern Corps #8 – Guy Gardner gets a promotion, there’s a battle in Warrior’s, and the Alpha Green Lanterns come after John Stuart for killing the Green Lantern while captured. This is supposedly the start of the “Alpha War” whatever that is. I’m sure it’s not going to be pretty but if it gets rid of the Alphas, I’ll be happy.

Justice League #8 – Green Arrow tries to join the Justice League but no one wants him on the team and he comes off like a major fan boy. We find out the thing that really ruined his chance is that sometime in their history, they gave Martian Manhunter a try and it didn’t go well. (No real details on it though.) Steve Trevor gives him an offer for another team in the end though. Not sure if that means the JLI but if it is, it still won’t be enough for me to pick the book up. And then there’s the backup story where Billy Batson moves in with his new family. Among them are Mary (will she still be his sister?) and Freddie Freeman (who is still a cripple but is blonde now). We get mentions of Hoppy the rabbit and see a tiger , hinting at Mr. Tawney. Billy is still a brat.

Legion of Super-Heroes #8 – Some of the members try to stop some robberies from people who seem to be trying to pull together the Fatal Five. Meanwhile, the founding members go out for a night on the town. Maybe it’s just me but the book just seems to have too much going on at once to keep it interesting.

Nightwing #8 – We’re leading up to the Night of the Owls storyline as Nightwing takes on a talon. Interspersed through the story is the tale of how one of the Talons came to be. The Talon ends up being Dick’s grandfather who was also connected to Haley’s Circus. It’s an interesting story so far even if you don’t follow the other Batman titles.

OK. This is the point where I usually pick my top 3. This week, that isn’t going to happen. Nightwing was the only title I’d truly recommend. I’m considering dropping Batman Unlimited and Defenders. The team books (Green Lantern Corps, Justice League, and Legion of Super-Heroes) just don’t have anything special from this week. These things really need to start picking up.

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