Weekly Comic Review for 2/12/14

Getting closer…

All-New X-Men #23 – The Trial of Jean Grey part 3 of 5 – OK. Looks like I missed picking up part 2 (in Guardians of the Galaxy). Oops. Jean Grey has been taken by the Imperial Guard and the rest of the team in in space with the Guardians. Oracle finds out that Jean doesn’t have any actual memories of being Dark Phoenix (which she wasn’t — it was just the Phoenix Force) but leaves her in the bubble she’s in. And then the Starjammers shower up to save the Guardians so Scott gets to find out his father is still alive again. (Corsair has always been pretty sexy.)

Constantine #11 – Forever Evil: Blight tie-in – Constantine and crew finally track down the Justice League Dark (and other mystics). Turns out there was actually a mole in the group too. John was ready for it but that doesn’t mean that the team doesn’t manage to get caught by Felix Faust. Can’t say I’m all that fond of the new look for Faust. Just one more reason I want this stupid version of reality gone.

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #5 of 6 – The Rogues fight the Royal Flush Gang and then we toss in Johnny Quick and Atomica. If you remember their origin, the two are linked with the Earth 3 versions of the Rogues who were police. Just what they need is a second chance to take down the guys. (Tho there are only 3 left now.) Ultraman wants them back before they get a chance though, but not before sending more villains to take their place. It’s been interesting but not too sure what this has all been building up to.

Green Lantern Corps #28 – John Stewart and his team take on the Durlan Green Lantern (who seems to lose his ring when he uses his native powers). Soranik whines to Salaak and then gets kidnapped. Plus, we have the return of the Yellow Lanterns. There was also some odd art where frames were just red, white, and black. It was scattered throughout the issue with no reason I could see. Wasn’t too fond of it.

Harbinger #21 – Resistance part 2 – We get some more background on Octavio, see more of Monica Jim, and learn where the Renegades are hiding out. (Tho they may not be staying there much longer…) Plus, a couple of the Renegades hook up and they aren’t ones I would have originally guessed. It’s an ok story. Lots of background, filler, and lead-up. Hopefully it’s actually going somewhere.

Justice League of America #12 – Forever Evil tie-in – Despero vs. Stargirl and Martian Manhunter (still). They are spending too much time on character growth in this comic with everything else going on. If you want people to know all this about Stargirl, give her a one-shot or a mini-series. Let’s get this going. *yawn*

Justice League 3000 #3 – Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman explore Takron-Galtos which ends up being inside the Earth instead of being it’s own planet like in the Legion comics. Hal is still shrunk down and the twins argue about what to do next… like maybe create a new Barry. At least Ariel Masters is back, so maybe we’ll learn a little about her. Overall, this isn’t going anywhere good though

Legenderry #2 – We get to meet the steampunk Green Hornet and Kato as well as see their versions of the Black Beauty. Things are building up interestingly. There are still a lot of questions and intrigue. Things are about to get more interesting next issue when there will apparently be the “Six Thousand Dollar Man”. A steampunk Steve Austin, eh? This should really be interesting to see. This is definitely keeping me intrigued to see where they go with all these characters.

I’ve gone up and down the list to try to pick the top 3 this week. The only one I would truly recommend is Legenderry. Every time I look at any other title, all I can think is “There has to be better options.” I hate doing this but there is only a Top 1 this week, not a Top 3. Maybe the next week of books will be better.

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