Weekly Comic Review for 4/25/12

Being it’s comic day and I had a short pull list last week, I wanted to get this posted.

Green Hornet #24 – This is the second part of the story with the Green Hornet impersonator. This issue, he’s doing the bidding of the man who is now acting major and killing more people. (So far, he’s killed the mayor and left the assistant mayor in critical condition.) Green Hornet and Kato’s one friend on the force is also being coerced into helping take them down. Things aren’t looking good for the duo but next issue, we get the 2 Green Hornets facing off. There’s a lot of intrigue going on here and it should get interesting.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #8 – The New Guardians took the offer to kill Larfleeze to save their lived, but will they? The members split up with most of them going off to charge their rings. Munk teleports off to deal with the Indigo Tribe storyline in the main GL book while our yellow lantern flies off to see what happened to the Sinestro Corps. This leads to him getting a new ring and battery from the Weaponsmith of Qward. (The old yellow core battery is buried on Oa after all. I wonder where this will lead things for the old Sinestro Corps.

Teen Titans #8 – At the end of the prior issue, the Titans were captured by Harvest. This issue, they are in the hands of Omen. Yes, this open is the same one from before but alive now. They call her Lilith, but she is much more powerful in this universe, bending reality to her whim. The story jumps around with gaps making you wonder what’s really going on (and not in a good way) a few times. Eventually, all the team has new costumes and are sent out to be Ravagers. Some secrets are revealed as we find out Wonder Girl is in hidden armor. (Really???) Also, there’s something really going on with Bart’s mind and history. I wonder if he’ll be linked to the old universe still. After all, he comes from the time of the Legion which is outside of this universe it seems anyway. I’m not real happy with the issue, more confused than anything, but there are some interesting things going on.

There’s only 3 comics so no top 3 this week. The first 2 books had their draw to them. Not a bad week but not a great one.

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