Weekly Comic Review for 4/11/12

Well, I’m behind where I wanted to be on this. With Pride this weekend, I was on the go a lot.

Avengers Assemble #2 – More information grows in the mystery of the new Zodiac. It seems someone is out to gather items of power and the Avengers discover this when they stop one of the attempts to get an ultimate nullifier. This actually gets the bar pretty high on the type of devices they are gathering. We get to see Cancer, Aries, and Taurus in battle (and Tony Stark in his skimpy underwear). In the end, we get to see Aquarius, Leo, Libra, Gemini, Pieces, and Virgo ready for the attack next issue. I can’t wait to see who is behind all this and where it’s leading.

Demon Knights #8 – This issue is all about how Jason Blood and Madam Xanadu met and explains the details on the bizarre relationship involving the two of them and Etrigan. The issue also leads into the death of Merlin storyline.

Green Lantern #8 – The Indigo Tribe storyline continues as the tribe works over Sinestro. Meanwhile Black Hand shows up to Hal Jordon who escapes and learns that Abin Sur is linked to the history of the Indigo Tribe. Just as this is discovered, we see that Sinestro may be heading into his third color in the spectrum. Maybe it’s like Pokemon and he’s trying to collect them all. 😉

Kevin Keller #2 – It’s prom time and Kevin has a secret admirer who wants to take him to the 1970s themed event. It looks like there’s more and more gays in Riverdale all the time.

Legion Lost #8 – Rose Wilson and the Ravagers attack the Legionnaires in a prelude the Culling crossover event. It looks like the Legionnaires aren’t up to the fight either. Given they’ve been at it a lot longer, I’d have thought they’d do better but I guess everyone has bad days.

Resurrection Man #8 – It seems Mitchell is getting more and more popular as he has 2 investigators looking for him. One is a psychic and another is a necromancer. After working his way past those two, the Suicide Squad shows up which can’t be a good thing.

Scarlet Spider #4 – It’s the Scarlet Spider vs the Assassin’s Guild. We learn more about Kaine’s abilities as he proves to be more than a match for the group sent after him. To get them off the trail of himself and the doctor, he ends up having to make a promise for a future deal which can only mean something bad in future issues. Meanwhile Aracley goes shopping somehow suddenly learns English. There’ a lot of questions about her yet to be answered.

Shade #7 of 12 – The battle beside La Sangre finally ends on a technicality. Following that good news is the bad news that the Shade’s blood is no good any more and his descendant has passed away anyway. This means that it’s up to him to find out who the bad guy in the family is.

Superboy #8 – This isn’t a title I normally pick up but there were 2 reasons to get it. First is that it’s another prelude to the Culling crossover story going through the young heroes titles. Second is the appearance of Grunge in the New 52. It appears that Fairchild has already appeared in Superboy so I can only imagine that Freefall, Burnout, and Rainmaker will appear at some point too. Grunge is an ass in this world who is all about being powerful and fighting for N.O.W.H.E.R.E. To make things more interesting, at the end of the issue, we get to see the new incarnations of 2two characters from the old Titans series, Beast Boy (who is no longer green) and Terra. It should be interesting to see what they do with these characters and what else will be going on in the Culling.

There’s some interesting stories for this week and no majorly lame issues. I’m putting Avengers Assemble, Kevin Keller, and Superboy at the top this week. They are all good stories and worth checking out.

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