Weekly Comic Reviw for 5/28/14

All-New Invaders #5 – It’s finally the end of the God’s Whisper storyline. The Winter Soldier saves the Vision but he just takes off and leaves the James at the mercy of the Kree. The others fight Ikaris until the Human Torch heats up the Kree after having irradiated them throughout the battle. Somehow, Captain America is immune to it though. They save the day and return to Earth where the Eternals take the God’s Whisper to control Galactus who is put in the Negative Zone. … Wait a minute. WHAT?!? *headdesk* I thought the story was bad before but that’s just horrible!

Harbinger #23 – It’s the Renegarde’s big showdown with the Harbinger Foundation. While Kris and @X attack Harbinger’s computer system, the powered members take on the Harada’s forces. The death that was foretold before finally comes to be when Charlene saves Faith by taking down Ion and causing both of their powers to explode when they hit the ground. Faith grabs her body and gets the two of them and Torque out. Harada and Peter literally go head to head in a psychic battle that isn’t resolved this issue. Lots of fallout will come from this.

Inhuman #2 – The after effects of Inhumanity continue as Dante gets to meet the Inhuman royal family and learn about his family. Captain America shows up to find out from Medusa what’s going on with Attilan being in the ocean just outside New York City. Lots of drama and politics. Nothing else really exciting.

New 52 Future’s End #52 – Father Time (who’s a young girl now) recruits Frankenstein to look for Stormwatch. Along with him, he sends Ray Palmer (who is never called Atom but in a maskless Atom costume) and Amethyst (whose magic is reduced and whose face is pretty scarred). There’s more stuff on Red Robin’s identity, Grifter, and Plastique and the other bad guys planning to break into Mister Terrific’s office.

Red Lantern #31 – A follow up with the Judge where we see what she thinks of Atrocitus and Dex-Starr. We also get to see Dex-Starr armor up. There’s some fun with blood magic and such leading up to the Judge joining Guy and his team.

Doctor Spektor: Master of the Occult #1 – This issue is your regular set-up issue. We get introduced to Doctor Spektor, a battler of occult bad things who has a TV show. We meet his agent Lenny in time for him to get killed. Don’t worry. He’s back as a ghost afterward. There’s also Abby who just starts on Spektor’s show as everything goes awry. She’s the one who can see Lenny’s ghost. There’s a little bit the links Solar, Turok, and Magnus to him which sets them all in the same universe (more or less).

Not the best of weeks. Harbinger and Doctor Spektor aren’t bad. After that, everything is pretty mediocre at best. I’d probably toss in Red Lanterns just to get a top 3. It becomes a best of the worst situation really.

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