Arrow: Of Boxing Rings and Gloves

If you didn’t catch last week’s arrow, you should. A few weeks ago, they introduced Ted Grant. Last week, they finally pegged him as Wildcat, a name he used in his boxing career. He was also a vigilante years before. Since Black Canary was trained by Wildcat, it was only natural that Ted would train Laurel so it’s pretty much assumed is going to take her sister’s place. And during a fight between Oliver and Ted, Oliver sticks his arrow in one of Ted’s boxing gloves and…

It’s the perfect homage to Green Arrow’s old boxing glove arrow. This was a total nerdgasm moment. This is the moment any Green Arrow fan was waiting for.

But onto this week. And if you haven’t seen it yet and don’t like SPOILERS, then don’t read on. They didn’t just toss us a bone this week, they tossed us the whole skeleton. The character Cupid was pulled out of the unused corner of Oliver’s history which made for an interesting story and an interesting twist in the Oliver/Felicity/Ray triangle. There’s more talk of Waller, this time involving the Suicide Squad. I wonder if we could ever get that as a spin-off. Then we hear Ray Palmer talking about dwarf star material and looking at specs for an A.T.O.M. suit. I wonder how long before we see the Atom show up in the show as a hero. (At least this had more of a positive spin to it than the O.M.A.C. device that was shown previously.) Finally, and possibly related to the Suicide Squad bit, we get an ending cameo by none other than Captain Boomerang. No goofy hat or scarf but he definitely has a look I could see as Digger. It’s really surprising they are introducing him here instead of over on the Flash’s show. But there’s a Flash vs. Arrow crossover coming up so maybe that might get him involved there in forming the Rogues.

CW is really amping things up this year and I’m really looking forward to it. I really have to wonder if they are looking at more spin-offs or just lead into a live action JLA TV show. I guess only time will tell.

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