Weekly Comic Review for 5/23/12

I didn’t have a chance to post up anything about the con today but I at least wanted to get this review done. I haven’t been able to get hold of a copy of Magic the Gathering #4 to read without unwrapping the copy I have so I’ll only get to do the other 4 comics I got.

Green Hornet #25 – It’s Green Hornet vs. Green Hornet. On top of that Kato finds out which side Lt. Chritton is on. Meanwhile, the mayor works to take down anyone who isn’t doing exactly what he wants and he takes out at least 1 person.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #9 – It’s the Reach (from Blue Beetle) vs. the Blue Lanterns. With no Green Lantern to boost the abilities of their rings. this may be the end of another core battery. (The Red Lantern one is melting, the Indigo one was turned off, and the Sinestro one was buried on Oa.) It makes you wonder if they are trying to get back to just green.

The Guild: Fawkes #1 – This one-shot is about the Wil Wheaton’s character on the guild show and picks up after he got knocked around in the restaurant. It seems that he is unable to keep his mind off of Codex and the rest of his life falls apart. I’m not sure how much this ties in with the actual Guild live action series but he’s a totally different character by the end.

Teen Titans #9 – It’s the finale of “The Culling”. The Legion and the Titans get knocked around some more. Fairchild and crew escape. The Legion have a new time bubble. We find out Harvest is human and he escapes. Overall, nothing too exciting. For someone human, Harvest seems pretty powerful. Hopefully things will start looking up soon. This arc hasn’t lived up to what is expected of most crossovers. Possibly because it seemed so rushed and unfocused and because we’re still learning about the new character so it’s a bit too early to try something like this.

With only 4 books to review this week, I’m not going to bother with a true “Top 3” though sticking to the “G” section would definitely be recommended. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get to my review of the con (including a video) as well as a review of Men in Black 3.

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