Weekly Comic Reviiew for 10/24/12

It’s a short list this week.

Hero Worship #4 – Adam learns more about how the Zenith Corporation works when he sees that the story about the woman’s death from last issue gets hidden. After some soul searching, Adam goes to see Zenith and he gets a look of things from Zenith’s point of view. Zenith isn’t the friendliest but things only get worse as time goes on.

National Comics: Madame X #1 – I thought the National Comics one shots was supposed to be for characters not yet established in the New 52. Madame Xanadu has been part of the New 52 from the start in both Justice League Dark and Demon Knights. They call her Nima instead of Nimue but the real name and alias are both close enough not to question it. The story is a good one about Nima’s tarot cards and visions used to track down a voodoo mystery. The way the story rolls out and the mystery is solves comes like a normal murder mystery and is well written.

Red Lanterns #13 – Rise of the Third Army – The Red Lanterns investigate a case of rage needing vengeance. While investigating the situation, they are attacked by the Third Army and discover a weakness in them. Do the lanterns have a chance against the Guardian’s army after all?

Talon #1 – The story of Calvin Rose really begins to unfold. I didn’t read the stories in Batman so I can only go from the little I know of the court of Owls. Calvin returns to Gotham after the Court’s fall to see if it’s safe now. It’s not, but he find a possible new ally to help take down what’s left of his enemies.

Teen Titans #13 – This issue, we get the origin of Wonder Girl as the Titans chase after Diesel. Her mother is still an archeologist and that’s how she meets Diesel and find the armor. It seems it’s actually 2 parts and, given some lettering they found, it may be related to Trigon. To make matters worse, Amanda Waller sends Larry Lance after them.

This is actually a good week for comics. Even with only 5 comics, it’s tough to decide which are the top 3. I’ll have to to with Hero Worship, National Comics: Madame X, and Talon. Red Lanterns was good too but the others were just a touch better.

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