Face Off with a Misfire

* * * SPOILERS * * *

Last night ended the 3rd season of the SyFy TV show FaceOff. I had never watched the show before this season. I actually thought it was only season 2, not 3. I caught a reairing of the last few episodes of the second season which got interested in checking out the new season 3 which aired right afterwards. After that, I was sucked in. There were some people that I found interesting like Alana, Jason, Laura, and Sarah. From the start tho, the ones that I liked best were Roy and twin brothers Eric and Derek (both very handsome guys). (The most annoying person in the group was Joe who ended up walking out before the bottom choice was even announced. It’s interesting that not only did he not return for any of the events where those eliminated showed up again, but he isn’t even listed on SyFy page.) Sadly, Eric got eliminated in the first part of the season. Half way through, they pulled what they referred to as a “twist”, one that I always hate. They brought back someone who left. If they had to do that, I was hoping they would reunite Eric and Derek, but while Eric did well, Nicole got brought back. Roy lasted until the week before the finale when he got eliminated while Nicole went to the finale with Laura and Derek. After getting to the finale, it became a popularity vote instead of a judge vote as was done previously that chose the winner. The winner was announced on a live show Halloween night to be Nicole. I was never quite fond of her and the fact that she won after getting eliminated from the show already over 2 people who never had been eliminated wasn’t fair to me. I enjoyed the show but really hated the results. I’m still looking forward to season 4 which is to air in January. SyFy sure does have odd season layouts…

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