Weekly Comic Review for 10/17/12

Another week, another batch of comics…

Cyber Force #1 – This was a free comic book due to kickstarter.com. To be honest, if it wasn’t free, I wouldn’t have picked it up. I’ve never been into the title before and after reading the comic, I’m totally confused about what’s going on. It seems like you’re seeing stuff from a few different points in time and there’s some odd narrative conversation between 2 people throughout that I don’t know where it’s from. If a free issue was supposed to be a draw to bring readers in, it didn’t work because I feel that I got what I paid for.

Green Hornet #29 – This is a book split in three down the page with each story playing out a little each page. Green Hornet and Kato go from stakeout to make out this issue. So where do their relationships, both personal and working, go from here? Plus, Moonbeam ends up befriending the son of the Russian arms dealers from last issue when they both start at the same school. Finally the new mayor takes over in Century City with the shortest term yet in the position. Three very interesting storylines and done in a creative way that worked really well. It should be interesting to see how all parts play out.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #13 – We get some history of Kyle and Alex as Atrocitus pushes all his buttons getting him to channel the power of the red ring. I’m interested in seeing how this all plays out once he’s able to channel all of them. Rise of the Third Army plays a minor role in the last page of the book.

Harbinger #5 – Peter fights back against Harada and his team and gets some surprise assistance from Livewire despite her allegiance to Harada. Plus, Faith shows that her powers came out after all when she flies in to save Peter. Now to see who else joins them.

Hawkeye #3 – Continuing bad art and a bunch of bad arrow jokes and situations make for a not very great issue. Come on, Marvel! You have a great character. Don’t drive everyone away before the title can get rolling. To make matters worse, a naked Clint Barton jumps across a room and the naughty bits are covered by an image of Hawkeye’s head place in the frame like a sticker stuck in place to cover things up. LAME!!! This issue just really sucks. Glad I didn’t add this to my pull list yet.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #3 – Not even sure when the title will actually apply. It’s just Adam and Teela vs another of Skeletor’s minions, Mer-Man. It seems everyone remembers Adam and even knows he was He-Man except for Adam and his friends. Plus, Zoar is actually some magical illusion it seems as Skeletor had the Sorceress trapped in Castle Greyskull. And “Uncle Skeletor” just figured out the power is in the castle and not He-Man’s sword? That wasn’t obvious before? I’m not liking where this is all going. Good thing I haven’t added this one to my pull list either.

Legion of Super-Heroes #13 – Most of the story revolved around Element Lad, Cosmic Boy, and Chemical Kid taking on some pirates. Other characters follow some background storylines as well. Sadly, it was all overwhelmed by more bad art. To make matters worse, on top of the bad art was some really bizarre coloring decisions that look odd at best.

Marvel Now! – This is a free preview book to show off new titles coming up. Among them are Fantastic Four, FF (at least I think that’s all there is to the title), Iron Man, All New X-Men, Captain America, Indestructible Hulk (huh?), Thor: God of Thunder, Deadpool, X-Men: Legacy (actually about the character Legacy), Avengers Assemble, and Red She-Hulk. It was only a couple pages of each so not much to say about most. The FF title looks to have the worst art of the week which is really saying a lot. The new X-title has Beast going back in time to the original team because of what Cyclops became. It should be interesting to see where that one goes. Overall, this seems to be a way for Marvel to launch all new first issues.

Nightwing #13 – Nightwing swings around town looking for information on what has crime down. Turns out Lady Shiva’s in town. Batgirl isn’t happy he’s not after the Joker instead though. All this and more growth of Amusement Mile. Nothing overly eventful.

OK. Time for the Top 3? Wow. As had as this week was, it’s going to be rough. Only 3 books out of the 9 even really qualify and those are Green Hornet, Green Lantern: New Guardians, and Harbinger. I really hope the books that came out yesterday are better.

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