Weekly Comic Review for 7/6/11

OK. I’m really late this week. It’s been a busy week between work and going to Magic the Gathering M12 stuff this past weekend. Plus, I’ve been getting back to the gym and my push this week has left me dead. But, here I am doing this up for you guys.

Adventure Comics #528 – The old Academy members finally graduate and none of them make it to the Legion. (Guess the academy isn’t that good if none of them are good enough after ALL THESE YEARS of training.) And is it just me or was Gravity Kid flirting with Power Boy? More fuel for the theory that he’s gay. Maybe Power Boy is too. And, after all this time, we finally get to see Cosmic King as he takes on and takes down the academy teachers. That leaves the students to take him on next issue.

Flashpoint #3 – If blasting yourself with chemicals and lightning not only doesn’t give you super powers but leaves you half fried, what do you do? How about try a larger dose? That’s was Barry does and — surprise — it works. While he and Batman contact Cyborg, Canterbury Cricket and crew (including Grifter!) meet up with Lois Lane. The issue closes out with Flash, Batman, and Cyborg breaking into a government facility looking for the alien who crashed to Earth… Kal-El, the man of… rubber? Yes, it’s a scrawny nothing in a room of run sunlight but all that is about to change.

Flashpoint: Abin Sur – Green Lantern #2 – The first mini-series to make the cut. Abin Sur is found by Hal Jordon, but this time, he’s fine. He decided to help Earth instead of just looking for the white entity. Sadly, Sinestro has found out about the world left behind and wants to change things back with his own adjustments.

Flashpoint: Secret Seven #2 – We get to meet the Amethyst and Abra Kadabra of this world as well as a guy called Mindwarp. Shade’s M-Vest is reaching out to all these people but not with the most positive effects. Shade is worried about what is going on and we find out that he may be behind the deaths of the first Secret Seven as well as of the new team just forming and Amethyst ends up dead.

Flashpoint: World of Flashpoint #2 – Traci 13 escapes her father and heads off for advice from Madame Xanadu. Sadly, someone else got to her first and she lives just long enough to tell Traci to follow the cards. Madame Xanadu’s tarot takes Traci around the world to see the Red Tornado, Natasha Irons, Beast Boy, Guy Garner, Circe, and Jason Todd. None of these people are able to help Traci, at least not in the way she is looking for. One more try with the Magician card takes Traci somewhere she never expected — back to her father. Oops!

Moon Knight #3 – Marc reaches out to Echo who knows he’s certifiable. (I really hope they get back to the real character and don’t keep down this stupid path!) He offers to meet her for hot dogs to try to share information but she’s up in the air on if she should. (Hey, free hot dogs sounds good to me.) We learn one of the consultants on Marc’s show is actually ex-SHIELD and he’s Marc’s new go-to guy. While he checks out Ultron’s skull, we see how he and Marc met and his first test of loyalty. (The artwork still sucks, by the way.)

Secret Six #25 – You’re down to your last couple issues and you’re the villain known as Bane. What do you do? How about get ready to hook back up into the Venom you’ve sworn off and pull your teammates together to recruit the Penguin so you can go after Batman again. I know he’s not the brightest of the team, but come on! I was hoping to see more with Catman before this title went poof.

Superboy #9 – Superboy checks out the land of the Hollow Men with Scott, Psionic Lad, Krypto, and the Phantom Stranger. The team splits up and we find out on person isn’t who he appears to be. (That’s a first!) I hope they clear up the dangling storylines before rebooting Conner.

Titans Annual #1 – “The Methuselah Imperative” (part 1 of 3) – It’s the Titans vs the JLA. Actually, it happens a couple times and still nothing comes of it. (Other than Deathstroke getting a blood covered scrap of Supergirl’s cape, that is.) We get some more information on what Slade has been up to and get a peek at where Jerricho has been during all of this.

There’s a couple decent stories in there but too many of the DC ones are rushing down on their final issues with too much to try to clear up before it all ends. For the top 3 this week, I’ll suggest Adventure Comics, Flashpoint: Secret Sevem, and Flashpoint: World of Flashpoint. Pick up Flashpoint too so you know what up, but overall, the action’s pretty compressed. I’ll try to do better next week and get some more stuff out here. I just need 36 hour days right now. *collapse*

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