Weekly Comic Review for 9/30/15

Another light week to catch up on. There are come big ones coming up tho.

Archie #3 – Veronica Lodge makes her arrival to Riverdale and it’s love at first sight for Archie. For Ronnie, it’s slave at first sight as she sets her eye on “Andy”. This is a mistake Jughead keeps correcting and he eventually recruits Betty to help bring a stop to what he sees as abuse of his best friend. Next issue should be interesting to see how these rivalries grow in this new version.

Green Lantern Annual #4 – It’s story time as Hal fills in his shipmates on some of what happened after he left Oa. We see how the corps chased him down and we catch a little battle. But, as we know, the corps all disappeared so there’s not a whole lot to well. I was really hoping for something batter in this “reveal all” story about what happened before we came back after Convergence. There isn’t much to the story other than a fight and a Lobo cameo. The art isn’t the best either. I really expected a lot more information about the time gap than one single event. I’m definitely disappointed.

Justice League #44 – Lots of battle this issue but there’s some real high points to this one. The energy Lex recharged Superman with seems to have burned out his inhibitions as he takes the battle to Luthor instead of Apokilips. Hal and Bruce trace down the history of the Anti-Monitor to when he was Mobius on Qward and find his connection to the Anti-Life Equation in this universe. And Darkseid calls in the Black Racer but the Anti-Monitor melds him with the Flash so he can control him and use him to kill Darkseid instead. There are definitely some big points to the issue. It’s good to see Power Ring stand up and show some backbone against the ring too. I’m actually looking forward to seeing where her character goes.

Only 3 books, so no top 3 but I will say that Archie and Justice League are both worth a read.

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