Weekly Comic Review for 10/12/11

I’m finally caught up on my reading and now it’s time to catch up on the reviews. First is 2 weeks ago.

Alpha Flight #5 of 8 – Alpha Flight recruits Taskmaster to train their “army” of civilians and robs a bank to pay him. Meanwhile, Jeanne-Marie runs back to the Master having won the mental battle issues back. Shaman finds Aurora’s side of the personality trapped away and readies her for when she’ll be needed.

Demon Knights #2 – The motley crew from last issue is joined by the Saracen Al Jabr as they battle the battle the dragons sent by Mordru. Etrigan tries to take off after the battle with Madame Xanadu only to run into trouble which he brings back to the town. I have a feeling they really aren’t going to like them there.

Green Lantern #2 – Sinstro created a Green Lantern ring for Hal under the rule that he more or less becomes Sinestro’s bitch. The ring won’t work against Sinestro and Sinestro can turn it off whenever he wants. He proves this when Hal runs off to be a Hero and save people on a breaking bridge and he disables Hal’s ring. Following a battle with the Sinestro Corps member who damaged the bridge, Sinestro tells Hal he’s to help him stop the Sinestro Corps.

Kevin Keller #3 – (Veronica #209) Kevin gets recruited to take part in a trivia show representing Riverdale. The only problem is that Kevin gets stage fright but he fights it off and goes on to win. After the show, Kevin’s old rival shows up asking for his help. I guess we’ll find out what he needs next issue. In the back of the book is an announcement showing that Kevin Keller will be getting his actual series starting on February 14, 2012. (As opposed to this mini-series which is actually issues of Veronica’s title.) Yay for Archie giving a gay character a real title.

Legion Lost #2 – The Legion members track down the doctor who was infected with the DNA of a race of energy beings. Somehow this guy has more control ever his energy form than Wildfire and the two of them battle it out. At the end, what appears to be another infected person starts to rise from some water.

Resurrection Man #2 – Mitch Shelley tries to track down his past and finds that his father is dead. To make things worse, the Body Doubles track him down and are surprised to hear that he doesn’t remember them. They take him down leaving him in an odd spot. And the angels are still after him.

Shade #1 of 12 – One of my favorite characters out of the Starman series is back in how own mini-series. He starts out hanging out with Mikaal, the Starman of the 70s and you find out that he was “created” in October. No clue what year as that’s all the detail he gives. Then we meet someone named William Von Hammer who is being chased down and gets information he supposedly needs to get to Shade. Then we jump back to Shade who is in bed with Hope O’Dare. He looks damn good in there and nice to see him drawn with a furry chest. As Hope goes off to work, Shade is attacked by Deathstroke and supposedly killed. Shade being the immortal and possibly non-human being he is, who knows what’s really going on. I’m looking forward to seeing this series though I’m not sure how this fits in with the old Starman series since he’s a JSA villain and the JSA is all back on Earth 2. Is Jack Knight on Earth 1 now like Mr. Terrific or if he’s on Earth 2 with Starman I and the JSA. Hopefully things will be revealed regarding this in the series.

Ultimate Comics X-Men #2 – Iceman, Human Torch, and Shroud (Kitty Pryde) head off to fight the Nimrods and save Rogue. Reverend Stryker continues to push the mutant hunts. I gave this a shot but it’s not really picking up here. There’s only one Ultimate book that’s got my eye and this isn’t it.

A much shorter list than the earlier wees with all the New 52 books which also gives me a lot less to pick the Top 3 from. Luckily there are some good books to pick from this week. The 2 top pics for this week are Demon Knights, Resurrection Man, and Shade. Kevin Keller was fun and I’m glad to see a gay character in the Archie universe, but it’s a bit more fluff compared to the other books. I would still recommend supporting a gay character in a comic book.

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