Weekly Comic Review for 8/8/12

I’m just going to head right into the reviews this time.

Archer and Armstrong #1 – It’s been a long time since I read the original series. It looks like this is doing a good job of following the immortals. The way they handle Archer and all the story being the cult and such is really interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing where it all goes and how they bring in the other immortals. This issue was a lot of introduction but it was a good story and the next issue should be really good.

Avenger Assemble #6 – The first couple pages of the book is a gathering of the other Avengers used to just rehash the past couple issues and then there’s some battling that overall leaves t a fairly non-eventful issue. To be honest, it was pretty boring. I first picked up the book because I liked the Zodiac storyline but right now it’s pretty boring and I’m about ready to drop it.

Demon Knights #12 – The knights attack the tower and find out that Morgaine Le Fey is behind it all. After escaping capture, they win the battle but the results of it causes the Demon to turn on the knights. We get quite a cliffhanger going into the #0 issue. This is a good way to drop things off as opposed to how they left Green Arrow.

Kevin Keller #4 – Kevin and his family (and Veronica) go to London for the Olympics because Kevin’s father is going to be a torch bearer. As expected, something happens to make Kevin run the torch and everything goes wrong. Yawn. The issue was more predictable than ever.

Legion Lost #12 – In this issue, Alastor jumps from one Legionnaire head to another and starts blabbing about how each has their secrets. It reminds me of a super-hero version o the Buffy episode “Once More With Feeling” but a lot less interesting. This is a comic, not a soap opera. They may have defeated Alastor this issue so where do they go from here. Next issue will just be Timber Wolf’s origin so I guess we have another month to find out what’s going on now that the main target of the series is taken care of.

Ravagers #4 – Terra and Beast Boy come to the rescue of the other Ravagers and save them Brother Blood. They lose Lightning along the way though. The rest finally make it to the safe house and meet a young Niles Caulder who is watching the place though it seems Superboy has shown up there too.

Resurrection Man #12 – Mitch continues his search for an answer to his live and finally finds out who has been behind everything mortal going on in his life. This leads into the 0 issue which will be Mitch’s origin and the final issue of the series. Things are getting interesting and I’m going to be sad to see the series end.

Scarlet Spider #8 – It’s Kaine vs. the Rangers. It turns out Shooting Star and Red Wolf were there. They were just standing behind Kaine. The oddball character is some alien called Fifty-One. No clue what his story is. Scarlet Spider escapes them though and makes it to Galveston to Roxxon’s office there. The Rangers track them there and find out about some spirit or something that Roxxon’s been keeping a secret. Not sure what’s up with this creature but I guess we’ll find out more next issue.

Most of the books this week were ok. Nothing spectacular but readable. After the first issue fiasco last week, it was good to see Archer & Armstrong be good enough to land in the top 3. After that… Well, it took some thought but I guess the other 2 would be Ravagers and Resurrection Man. It’s really hard to find good books that are really standing out lately. If things don’t pick up soon, I’m going to be saving a lot of time on these reviews because I’ll be dropping a lot of books from my list.

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