Weekly Comic Review for 10/17/11

And now we catch up with the books from last week so I’ll be all set for the books coming out Wednesday.

Green Lantern Corps #2 – The Lanterns investigate the planet the lost all it’s water and send their comrades back to Oa. They are able to track down where the beings who did that were attacking next and take on the group there. These are beings who are able to take on the power of John and Guy’s power rings due to pure force of will. Isamot mostly closes the portal they were using but gets sucked through to the other side. He backs it back to the other lanterns but without his arms and legs. To make things worse, he is followed by the rest of the beings stealing the planets’ environments.

Herc #9 – We’re out of Spider Island without a reason or any idea what happened after the prior issue. On top of that, we’ve gotten a new artist who isn’t as good as the other one. The writing isn’t as good either. Hercules gets a visit from his father who has slept around too much and was turned human (and fat) by Hera. Electra shows up to fight off some ninjas as well as the advances of Zeus.

Justice League #2 – We pick up where we left off with with Barman and Green Lantern fighting Superman. Hal calls in Flash to help out but is such a funbling idiot that he tells everyone Barry’s name while telling him to be careful of his secrets. Eventually, all 4 team up to take on Darkseid’s forces. Back at S.T.A.R. Lab, Vic gets blasted by the parademons entering the building (leading to his origin, one would guess). You know, if I didn’t have some hope that things would improve and be more like the regular JLA, I’d drop this title already.

Legion of Super-Heroes #2 – A team of Legionnaires take on the Daxam Res-Vir but he takes them down other than Phantom Girl who calls in Mon-El to assist. Meanwhile, Brainic 5 and crew continue to discuss the time immediately after Flashpoint. This really makes me wonder if Flashpoint is a “point forward” event or what. The stuff going on here makes me really wonder what’s actually going on but it does give me some hope that all the messed up stuff (like in the afore mentioned Justice League title) may get wiped out.

Nightwing #2 – After fighting the villain from last issue (revealed to be called Saiko), he gets a visit from someone from the circus who takes him to Atlantic City to see the owner of Haley’s Circus. It ends up that he is dying and is giving the crcus to Dick who he feels should have been part of it all along. He also knows that Dick is Nightwing. After Dick leaves Haley, Saiko shows up, tortures Haley, and finds out Dick is Nightwing. Dick shows up in enough time for a fight that puts the warehouse on fire. Just before he dies, Haley let’s Dick know there’s more to the circus than Dick suspects but what that is is still a question for now. This is getting interesting.

Ultimate Comics Hawkey #3 – Hawkeye and his new team infiltrate the flying cities of The People looking for the Serum. After setting the Hulk loose as a distraction, they sneak through the city and find someone who actually leads them to the serum. The real question is why he lead them to it and whether he’ll let them have any. This is getting interesting.

With only 6 comics, the top 3 will take half the pulls for this week. That being said, I’ll pick Legion of Super-Heroes, Nightwing, and Ultimate Comics Hawkeye. It’s sad to say but this version of the Justice League is actually worse than the last one even if the heroes are the classics.

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