Weekly Comics Review for 10/5/11

With the first month of the New 52 down, I’m back to my regular format. With fewer comics per week, I should be catching up soon.

Action Comics #1 – I wasn’t impressed by issue #1 but I had to see what they were going to do with Superman. The second issue isn’t really any better. Lex Luthor is is still an ass. The first issue and he’s already caught Superman and in the second he tortures him. Of course, Kal get revenge by threatening to break Lex’s neck unless he says where the cape is. A “Doctor Irons” makes an appearance and I can only guess he’s John Henry Irons (formerly known as Steel). The issue is $3.99 which I thought was odd. After 20 pages, there are 8 pages of information about the new Superman. It looks like one of the reasons Clark is an ass is because Ma and Pa Kent are long dead. Yeah, I’m not liking the path this is taking.

Animal Man #2 – We pick up with Maxine and her dead animal pets. Buddy has another bleeding of the eyes and this time we see it leads down to an image on his chest and is a map leading to the Red. I’m not sure quite what this is all leading to but it’s getting really weird, kinda like the old Vertigo series.

Detective Comics #2 – Following the escape of the Joker, the cops and Batman go on a hunt. Batman find the Dollmaster and his crew only to find that they had gotten to James Gordon. Things are really getting messy.

Green Arrow #2 – Things start off with Green Arrow fighting a couple of paparazzi addicted villains names Lime and Light. (You’re kidding right?) This leads him into a battle with another group of bad guys who like their YouTube hits. And it looks like Ollie is about to get a lot of hits of his own of the wrong kind when he gets cornered with a live feed going.

Hawk and Dove #2 – We start out finding out there are more avatars than shown before. On top of Hawk and Dove, we had met Kestrel before. In this issue, we meet Osprey and Condor. These 2 are not a team though as Osprey is killed by Condor and his avatar essence is passed on to Condor’s partner who becomes Swan. (Interesting how the Hawk and Dove names transferred to the new owners and not to the nearest person while that’s how this worked.) Hank runs into Ren at an awards ceremony where Dawn shows up. The drama doesn’t really get to start though as Condor and Swan show up looking for a fight.

Justice League International #2 – The team fumbles over each other and fights with each other as much as they fight the giant robot. They end up running away to save themselves and Guy comes back to the team. They find out there’s more than just the 1 giant robot which means something is big up. Will they be good enough to take this all on? In the end, they obviously will but the way things are going, they shouldn’t be able to. This team is as much of a joke as the old Justice League relaunch after Legends.

Moon Knight #6 – Echo shows up to keep teaming with Moon Knight. Meanwhile, Buck contacts the Avengers and turns in the Ultron head causing the Avengers to show up at Marc’s home to question him about it.

Red Lanterns #2 – Atrocitus flashes back to a planet of war and rage and comes to the realization that he needs a second in command to keep things under control.

Stormwatch #2 – Midnighter approaches Apollo about a partnership. He mentions that he knows why Apollo stays apart and why he hasn’t “come out” as a super-hero. Maybe they are going to stick with the characters being gay. The Martian Manhunter extends the invite to both of them. Meanwhile, Harry tries to make a deal with the entity in the moon. We get a view of Adam One when he started at the beginning of time.

I’m going to go with Green Arrow, Hawk and Dove, and Stormwatch this week. I’m not sure I’ll stick with Stormwatch. I hadn’t planned on it, but the issue was definitely interesting.

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