Weekly Comic Review for 6/1/11

Life has been pretty crazy as of late which kept me from catching up on last week’s books until just recently. So, without further ado…

Adventure Comics #527 – This book is all about Comet Queen. Other than a short training session, Glorith is the only other academy member who is really featured. The story of how Comet Queen got her powers (duplicating Star Boy’s origin), her infatuation with Bouncing Boy, and the reason why she is still in the academy. I don’t know if it was ever actually revealed before but supposedly she graduated the academy already (I thought the others who were just graduating now were there before her.) but got her memory wiped by Saturn Queen when out helping the Legion. All this story really did (other than answering a couple questions) is to show how annoying Comet Queen really is.

Avengers Academy #14.1 – The .1 issues strike again. This issue takes the academy members off to visit another kid that Osborn has picked up. Following that, he took them around to some of the other kids that has been there. In the end, he turned out to be more evil than the the academy kids (who fear they will be evil) are.

Flashpoint #2 – Barry talks to the Batman of Flashpoint as his memories start to adjust to the new reality. For some reason, he finds Professor Zoom’s costume in his ring though. Meanwhile, Aquaman (backed up by Ocean Master) attacks the pirate ship of Deathstroke and Steve Trevor tries to sneak into the Amazon’s area looking for Lois Lane. The book finishes up with Barry Allen trying to duplicate the accident that game him his speed.

Flashpoint: Abin Sur: Green Lantern #1 – In this tie-in, Abin Sur is still alive and Sinestro is a Green Lantern. The Guardians task Abin Sur with going to Earth to find the white entity while the Black Lanterns run rampant across various sectors of the universe. This is a whole different twist on what would have happened if Abin Sur hadn’t died and Hal Jordan wasn’t there to figh the Black Lanterns.

Flashpoint: Secret Seven #1 – This issue mostly features Shade the Changing Man and the Enchantress, who is trying to find him. A tiny bit of background on the original Secret Seven is revealed and Shade is the only surviving member.

Flashpoint: World of Flashpoint #1 – This book centered around Traci 13. She’s still homo magi and seems to have memories of the pre-Flashpoint history but doesn’t think it’s real. It’s revealed that there was never a speedster in the JSA in Flashpoint so it appears a lot of speedsters never connected with the Speed Force. On top of it all, Traci’s father is part of this world’s H.I.V.E. which is made up of well known names from multiple countries (including Osiris, Impala, Red Star and a young Ra’s Al Ghul) who are deciding on how to gain back control of their world.

Moon Knight #2 – OK. Now I understand the appearance of Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America. I thought they were just delusions but it appears they are actually Marc’s new multiple personalities. In fact, he’s even dressing up as them and trying to act like them. I’m a big Moon Knight fan but this is just getting stupid. Each new series tries harder to ruin a great character. Oh, yeah. Echo appears too.

Secret Six #34 – The team is back on Earth and head off to rescue Liana. Following the rescue, Scandal and Rag Doll have a heart to heart and Bane goes on a date at a carnival. The characterization in this book is great and for a group of villains, it’s great to see the personal interaction and connections that keep growing.

Superboy #8 – The Phantom Stranger makes his presence known again as Superboy gets a history lesson about Smallville that reveals some information about the broken silo. This leads Superboy, Simon, and Psionic Lad down into the world of the Hollow Men. (Whatever they are, that is. I guess that will be explained next issue. Gotta have the cliffhanger on the last page after all.)

An interesting mix of books this week. I’m not a Batman fan so I didn’t bother to pick up his Flashpoint book. The whole Flashpoint thing is sorta interesting though, especially since it’s leading into the reboot of the DC Universe in September. (I won’t get into that here though.) It was a decent read though. My top 3 for the week are going to go to Avengers Academy, Flashpoint: World of Flashpoint, and Secret Six. I can’t pick the actual Flashpoint title because Barry’s whining is just too annoying. Can we please just kill him again?

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