Weekly Comic Review for 7/17/13

After reloading my laptop, I’m finally back and able to post up my comics review before I pick up the new books.

All-New X-Men #14 – We pick up where we left off last issue and learn the secret of Jean Grey becoming the Phoenix. The secret is that there is no secret. Lady Mastermind isn’t the only one who can project illusions it seems. Sadly, Jean isn’t good enough to directing them so she had everyone fooled. When this is revealed, a battle royal ensues. Normally, I hate whole issue fights, but the way this was done, it was a lot of fun to watch. With all the mental play and creative battling, it was interesting to see how each step unfolded. Add in a return of the Uncanny Avengers and this is a fun issue.

Archer & Armstrong #11 – Archer, Armstrong, Mary Maria and the ill-fated scientist have landed in the Faraway. It turns out that General Redacted is there too with some aliens. And we all know what goes along with aliens. Yup. Anal probing. Believe me, that’s enough information on that topic. We also find out that Archer is somehow linked to events in the Faraway too though we’re not sure how. All we know is that something he’s done or will do had influences the sages of the land. The issue is filled with it’s normal insane humor making the issue as lot of fun.

Green Hornet Legacy #39 – A modern day Robin Hood has appeared in Century City and his name is El Gato Rojo (The Red Cat). Robin Hood didn’t kill the rich he stole from though. When one of the robberies involved a childhood friend of Britt Ried’s, the Green Hornet gets involved. The real questions has to do with which side of the game Britt sides with. Let’s just say there’s a kitty we’ll probably be seeing again. On top of that, someone is keeping an eye on the Green Hornet so we have to wonder what they want. The title seems to be picking back up again.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #22 – The giant being, Relic, pops out of his reality bubble and is hungry for information on what this reality is all about. Sadly for Kyle, Relic decides our resident White Lantern will make a great library and it’s up to Carol Ferris to help him break free. For some reason, Relic has a problem with the light of the emotional spectrum but has never seen white. There are a lot of questions about this guy which we will hopefully get answers to soon.

Harbinger Wars #4 – The battle finally comes to an end. There are deaths in a number of camps and a lot of changes will be going on. Harada shows up just in time to recruit all the kids to his camp and Project Rising Spirit gets a new CEO. None of this can be too good.

Justice League of America #6 – Trinity War part 2 of 6 – After the death of Doctor Light, a major battle starts up between the teams but even Superman is confused about what happens and blames himself. Back at the JLA’s base, both teams lick there wounds and Superman is locked up until someone can figure out what happened. Wonder Woman takes this challenge on herself as she believes this is related to Pandora’s visit. She follows up on contacts like Hephaestus (who she believes made Pandora’s Box) and Justice League Dark. Is Diana right and if so, can this third team provide the help she needs? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Legion of Super-Heroes #22 – More Legionnaires are thrown at the Fatal Five until they are finally stopped. It’s now up to the Legion to deal with their dead. (So far Sun Boy and another of Duplicate Damsel’s copies are dead and we still have no idea what happened to Star Boy. There’s only one issue left so hopefully they will do enough to provide some closure on this all and show Thom to be ok. (Next to Timber Wolf, Star Boy/Starman is one of my favorite members.)

For the most part, this was a really good week. Still, some books shone more than others. The top 3 are All-New X-Men, Archer & Armstrong, and Green Hornet Legacy.

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